Video rich snippet generator using markup

Microdata helps search engines to understand the content of your website more precisely. The occurrence of microdata is the prerequisite for displaying rich snippets within the search result pages. Rich Snippets are, for example, thumbnails of your video content and can significantly boost your click-through rate (CTR).


Simply enter the URL or ID of your YouTube or Vimeo video below



Note: Create a video sitemap and test your markup

After you have inserted the HTML source code on your website, you have to create a video sitemap and submit it to Google. Also use the structured data testing tool to verify your markup.

What are rich snippets?

Rich Snippets enrich the organic search listing with additional text and/or image content based on microdata found on the website.

Durch Mikrodaten lassen sich Daten im HTML-Quellcode auszeichnen und strukturieren, wodurch die Suchmaschinen den Inhalt einer Website besser verstehen können.

What is is a collaboration by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, and provides the vocabulary for structuring data on your website.

Describing your video content using the VideoObject element according to causes Google to index and show your videos in search.

Why should I label my video content using markup?

Google advises all website owners to provide their videos with markup - regardless of whether they are uploaded to YouTube or not. The more microdata are available on a page, the easier it will be for GoogleBot to identify important content.

Should I add markup on my videos even if they're on YouTube?

Rich snippets are automatically added to SERPs for video results from YouTube. Is it recommended to add schema video markup onsite in order to get your page w/embedded video to rank in SERPs?