Which advantages as well as disadvantages do geoTLDs like eg. .berlin have?

A geographic top-level-domain, also called a geoTLD, should have a clear focus on a geographic-, geopolitic-, ethnic-, language-, or cultural-collective. Due to this, it would be possible to use these new, so-called geoTLDs to match a domain,or the content and the website’s users, to a regional and/or local searchmarket. This […]

How far would .tel domain’s have a positive or negative effect on the SEO-results of my website?

Using a .tel domain does not have a positive influence on being able to find a website, when compared to a normal gTLD or ccTLD. The domain ending .tel is a so called sponsored top-level-domain (sTLD) and is actually not supposed to make a website available but to display the […]

We get more and more specific domain endings. What influence do they have on Google?

Google knows of and differentiates between a number of top-level-domains (TLDs). The two most well-known and most often used top-level-domains are the generic top-level-domain, also called gTLD, as well as the country-code top-level-domain, called ccTLD. What is the difference between gTLDs and ccTLDs? A generic top-level-domain is not used as […]

Top-Level-Domain (TLD)

A top-level domain, TLD in short, is what a domain name ends with, like ".com". It is important to differentiate between different top-level domains (TLDs), as a few of them have a specific focus. What kinds of top-level-domains (TLDs) are out there? Google can differentiate between the following internet addresses: […]

Setting up a 301-redirect from the non-www to the www. domain-name

You should use a 301 Redirect to indicate the preferred domainname, in order to avoid problems with how the Google-Bot indexes your website and make sure no internal Duplicate Content arises due to canonicalization issues. Please also see: My website can be reached with and without the www. Is this […]

My website can be reached with and without the www. Is this harmful?

To minimise Duplicate Content problems and to ensure a better indexing by the Google-Bot, Google recommends using a preferred domain name. That means you have to decide which Hostname should be preferred for your domain: without the www. (, with the www. hostname ( or even by a totally different […]

What is the difference between a URL, Domain, Subdomain, Hostname etc.?

The abbreviation “URL” is short for “Uniform Resource Locator” and is commonly used to refer to a website or internet-address, while the actually intended goal is usually a directory or a specific path. The structure and components of a URL A URL is usually made up of several parts. To […]