What are the general forms of link-distribution?

The quality and quantity of incoming links to a site are still the most important criteria for sorting search results on Google. This means that the purposeful linking to a site is a prerequisite for a good ranking, next to the on-page optimization. Depending on the intensity of the competition […]

Shelf space optimisation on Google

What are the two things that a search result page on Google and a supermarket shelf have in common? They serve a specific purpose. They only have limited space available (constraint) In both cases, the constraint is the limiting factor for the performance of the entire system. The supermarket might […]

The consequences of negative user-signals on Google’s rankings

The homepage of the German domain offers a great example for how much influence user signals can have on Google’s rankings for a specific keyword. The domain is an ancient exact-match domain for the keyword “hotel bonn” and the two words “hotel” and “Bonn” (the former German capital) also […]

How can I check the quality of a potential backlink-website?

You can use the link module of the SISTRIX Toolbox ( to analyse the backlink profile of any domain. This way you can look through the backlinks of a domain from which you might want to get a backlink and rate the quality of the site. By using the LinkPlus […]

Should I actively work on removing links?

When we talk about link-removal, we speak of the manual deletion, changing, or devaluing of backlinks already in existence. The goal of this is to reduce the number of low quality backlinks that point to your own website. When should you think about link-removal? Link-removal will usually becomes a topic […]

Are nofollow links harmful?

Internal or external links that use the nofollow attribute are not followed by searchengines, just as the name suggests. This means their targets will not be crawled. Nofollow links do not pass on any link power (also called Linkjuice), like the anchor text or PageRank, to their target website either. […]

Can an RSS-Feed be used for link building?

Yes. This link building strategy is called Content Syndication. Content Syndication is the distribution and repurposing of medial content. Example: Content-Syndication using an RSS-Feed If you run a website with a lot of current information, for example a news magazine, and publish new content on a daily basis or at […]

What is link building?

Link building is a concept that is part of the topic of OffPage Optimization and describes the process of gaining external links (also called backlinks). The goal of link building is to intentionally increase the amount of quality backlinks which point to your own website. Link building can be done […]

Can I buy an existing domain to strengthen the backlink profile of my website through 301 redirects?

When it comes to the OffPage Optimisation and link building, you can use the link profile of another domain to increase and strengthen the link and domain popularity of your own website. The domain popularity is a strongly weighted factor among the Google Ranking Factors. 301 Redirections do not have […]

Using and correctly implementing Content-Syndication

Definition of what Content-Syndication actually means Content-Syndication is using specific (media) content multiple times. These can be articles, interviews, blogposts, studies as well as any other kind of text can be (media) content as well as infographics, videos, podcasts, etc. Anyone offering Content-Syndication gives their content, of which they are […]


The OffPage-Optimisation is one of the two pillars of Search Engine Optimisation. You can differentiate between the OffPage- and OnPage-Optimisation (also called OnSite- and OffSite-Optimisation). The OffPage-Optimisation encompasses all the external factors of a website. Usually, this means the backlinks, also called external links or just links. Backlinks are still […]

How can I check my website for inferior links?

You can use the SISTRIX Toolbox Link module extensively to shine a light on inferior links and other criteria. We have a specific tutorial, where we will show you how you can find those backlinks for your website which are of low quality: SISTRIX Tutorial: Tips for detecting a natural […]

How can I check if my website has an unnatural link-profile?

We have written an entire tutorial on the question of how you can get a rough idea of how natural or unnatural the link-profile of your website may be, without having to do an in-depth evaluation of the quality of your backlinks. SISTRIX Tutorial: Tips for detecting a natural link […]