Shelf space optimisation on Google

What are the two things that a search result page on Google and a supermarket shelf have in common? They serve a specific purpose. They only have limited space available (constraint) In both cases, the constraint is the limiting factor for the performance of the entire system. The supermarket might […]

Why the Visibility Index does not want to be an SEO-traffic index

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is often mistaken for an SEO-traffic index. As a result, we see blogposts pop up on a regular basis which either show how well or how badly the Visibility Index development correlates with the actual SEO traffic. Most of these articles are based on a fundamental […]

Can I visually compare the Visibility Index to other KPI?

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is a reference number for a domain’s visibility in Google’s search result pages. The higher the value, the more visitors the domain is expected to gain from Google. The Visibility index is therefore extremely well suited to measure and rate the success of SEO-actions or to […]

How to identify and use a SEO KPI?

When it comes to search engine optimisation, not every indicator is suitable to be a SEO KPI. Please also remember that every KPI is only as good as the intended use case you are trying to measure. The SISTRIX Visibility Index as KPI The SISTRIX Visibility Index is a good […]

What is an operative SEO Indicator System?

The name operative SEO Indicator System might be a bit confusing, as it does not have much in common with a classic indicator system (please also see “What is an indicator system?”). That is why – for now – we will rather speak of operative SEO-indicators. Operative SEO-indicators can usually […]

SEO KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

Anyone who deals with SEO, whether at an agency, company or working as a freelancer, will come across the subject of “SEO KPI” – or SEO-indicators – sooner or later. What is the general meaning of KPI? KPI is the abbreviation for “Key Performance Indicators” and refers to the so […]

What is an indicator system?

Indicators and indicator systems are vital tools that enable you to measure, control and steer your SEO-methods. Indicator systems have been around the business world for over 90 years already. The DuPont indicator system, also called ROI analysis, is the central starting point. It was developed by the American chemical […]

What is a financial SEO indicator system?

Provided you know the answer to the question of “What is an indicator system?“, we will now talk about creating a financial SEO indicator system. A financial indicator system can be used to mathematically link multiple indicators to create a indicator system that calculates the “profit from SEO.” The setup […]