How important is a sitemap for the indexing of my site?

A sitemap is a list of all the pages (URLs) on a website. This file is used by search engines as an overview of all available content as well as a way to (better) understand the structure of the website. If you create an XML-sitemap for your website, you can […]

How regularly do I have to update my sitemap and can I automate it?

As both XML- and HTML-sitemaps are used by search engines to find, and hopefully index, new content faster, you should update all used Sitemap types once new content and URLs are available. How to (automatically) update sitemaps If you have a small website where content changes happen either on a […]

How can I submit a sitemap to Google?

You can manually submit your sitemap to Google through two different routes and it is recommended that you add a reference to your sitemap to your robots.txt. Simply add the URL to your sitemap in the very first or last line of your robots.txt: sitemap: Possibility #1: the manual […]

How do I create a sitemap for my website?

It is extremely easy to create a sitemap, which will help with the indexing of your website. You will find more on this topic in our article “How important is a sitemap for the indexing of my site?“. You can then comfortably submit your sitemap to the Google and Bing. […]

If I have an XML-sitemap, do I also have to provide an HTML-sitemap?

It is indeed recommended to provide both an XML-sitemap as well as an HTML-sitemap. The XML-sitemap serves as a structured table-of-contents for search engines and helps them find new and deeply nested pages. Whereby the HTML-sitemap mainly serves the users, as it increases the usability of your website. But thanks […]

Are there different kinds of sitemaps?

Yes, there are up to six different kinds of sitemaps. HTML- and XML-sitemaps are the two sitemap-types that are seen most often. Please also see: How important is a sitemap for the indexing of my site? HTML-Sitemap An HTML-sitemap is intended specifically for the user, as opposed to an XML-sitemap. […]


A Sitemap is a list of all the pages (URLs) on a website and serves to give both search engines and users an overview of the content available, as well as the fundamental structure of the site. This will help them (better) understand how the website is structured. There are […]