The Page Speed Ranking Factor. What, exactly, is fast?

Google has very recently started to use the loading speed of websites as a ranking factor for mobile Google Search results. In this article we explain exactly what ‘fast’ means and we share a new, free tool that will allow you to check the speed of your websites against others […]

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it: IndexWatch 2017 – the Losers in Google UK

Two weeks ago, we looked at the Winners on Google UK. Today we will look at those domains with the highest loss in visibility on Google UK. After reading this blog post, I hope you will have gotten some takeaways that you can use right away, for your projects. We […]

Google Permits Longer Snippet Texts

For years, Google used to limit the length of snippet texts, are short text previews of the search results, to two rows. Over the last couple of days, Google eased up on this rule and will now also show longer snippets in the search results.

More Than Half of All Google Results are HTTPS ?

Encrypting your communication through HTTPS is a topic close to Google’s heart. Mountain View showed this somewhat awkwardly by vaguely hinting at a possible connection between good rankings on Google and the use of HTTPS. From that point on, we have kept an eye on the state of the HTTPS […]

International SEO – Netflix’ SEO Problems on Google and What You Can Learn From Them

One month ago, had a dramatic loss in Visibility on Google, all over the world. To mention just a few of their important markets: they lost 71% Visibility in the UK, 64% in the USA, 59% in France, 49% in Italy, 43% in Germany and 39% in Spain. Netflix […]

FitFlop’s Migration Flops

The British domain of Marcia Kilgore’s company, FitFlop, recorded a loss of 71.5% visibility points on Google, precisely at the best moment of its history. was moved to and the domain move flopped. The Domain managed to continuously increase its Visibility over the past 5 years until it reached […]

The Story of shows us why SEO is so important

Let’s just take a look at the chart above. We clearly see that the SEO strategy of before the paywall was not remarkable, a measly 8% growth over 3 years. After they initiated their paywall the Visibility on Google dropped from 65 to 3 points. The best Visibility score […]

Another Unknown Update – This Time It Hit Well Known Brands

The past month has seen a lot of movement in the Google SERPs and – once again – nobody really knows what is going on. Google is keeping silent as to the changes they made – as usual. All we can do is try and spot patterns within the winners […]

Emojis in the Google SERPs

User signals are one thing that you cannot imagine to be missing from a modern search engine optimization: show Google that your result is better than the others. In order to even get a chance at doing so, users need to click on your results. And this is where snippet […]

Has been hit by Google’s Interstitials Update?

Within the past few weeks, we released our Winners&Losers list for Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain. One domain that stood out for their SEO-success in 2016 was We even linked to an interview with Casey Winters, former growth product lead at Pinterest, where he explained how important SEO […]