The Webinars’ New Clothes

· 27. July 2017 · 0 Comments
Patrick Ugol
Patrick Ugol
Patrick spielt bei SISTRIX den inhouse Erklär-Bär in Webinaren, Seminaren, Tutorials und bei Frag SISTRIX Artikeln.
A little over a year ago, we came up with the idea that we would like to offer webinars in which we show you subject relevant support for and possible applications with the SISTRIX Toolbox in bite-sized 30 minute bits, once per week. And that in both German and English.

You send us a lot of feedback, much of it was about how useful the webinars were but many also contained ideas on how we could improve 😉 One of the most common complaints was the fixed time-slot per week.

In theory, having a set time once a week is a great idea but reality usually comes up with an “urgent” task 15 minutes before the webinar or a deadline that still needs to be kept. I am very sympathetic to anyone who knows exactly what I am talking about. This is the main reason why we decided to go with the Netflix model for our Webinar redesign:

You can now access all of our webinars, anytime you want – and while I am definitely not able to keep up with “Orange Is The New Black“, you are still welcome to binge watch all of our webinars at once, if you really want to 😉

We have 14 topics that you can now munch on in 10 to 26 minute long videos on our webinar page:

  • The SISTRIX Visibility Index
  • Competitor Evaluations with the SISTRIX Toolbox
  • Onpage Optimization with the SISTRIX Optimizer
  • Backlink risk evaluation with SISTRIX LinkRating
  • Reports in the SISTRIX Toolbox
  • Individual Keywordmonitoring in the Optimizer
  • Analysing crashes within the Visibility Index
  • How to find keyword chances with the Toolbox
  • The Ranking Distribution in the SISTRIX Toolbox
  • Domain, host, directory and URL evaluations
  • Utilize Link module filters for useful evaluations
  • Analysing Display Ads and Retargeting campaigns
  • Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox

You are very welcome to tell us what you think or send us any questions you may have about a specific topic. Simply use our ticket system within the Toolbox or write us an email to and we will get your question answered with the same quick response times that you are used to.

If you see anything we could do better or if you have a topic that we should make a webinar of, please do not hesitate to also use our support channels to let us know.

I am looking forward to your responses and wish you a lot of fun with our redesigned webinars.

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