Can I get more projects and keywords in the Optimizer?

Yes, of course. If the default-version Pro 5 is not big enough, you can upgrade at any time you like..

Where can I upgrade?

You will need to use the main account profile for the Toolbox and navigate to the Optimizer overview page. There you will find the “Upgrade your Optimizer-Account” link, right below the green “Create New Project” button. If you want, you can also use the direct link:


Regardless of whether you need additional projects, keyword queries or Optimizer employee-accounts. Simply choose the version that fits your needs:

Pro 5

This is the default version of the Optimizer. You are able to create up to 5 projects and use a total of 2,000 keyword queries across these projects. You are also able to create up to 5 Optimizer employee-accounts, where you can give your employees, freelancers and your customers access to their project(s).

This version will also add 5 additional reports to your Toolbox account, which you can use however you want.

This is the default version you get by booking the Optimizer module and costs 100,- Euro (net) per month.

Pro 10

The Pro 10 upgrade doubles the available resources from the default version. You can now create up to 10 projects and use 4,000 keyword queries for your monitoring. You can set up 10 Optimizer employee-accounts and will have 10 additional reports in your Toolbox.

This version of the Optimizer costs an extra 69,- Euro (net). The Optimizer will therefore cost 169,- Euro (net) per month.

Pro 25

The Pro 25 upgrade gives you 25 projects and 10,000 keyword queries, as well as a total of 25 Optimizer employee-accounts. This version will also give you a total of 25 additional reports in the Toolbox.

This version of the Optimizer costs 299,- Euro (net). The Optimizer will therefore cost 399,- Euro (net) per month.

Pro 50

Our largest Optimizer version offers you 50 projects, as well as 20,000 keyword queries and a total of 50 Optimizer employee-accounts. With this upgrade you will also have 50 reports available.

This version of the Optimizer costs 599,- Euro (net). This will increase the cost for the Optimizer to 699,- Euro (net) per month.