What is the smartphone Visibility Index?

As the first SEO tool, we are also currently offering a smartphone Visibility Index. This index makes it possible to directly compare desktop and smartphone visibility and notice weaknesses in the configuration and operability of mobile websites.

As Google uses the same index for desktop- and smartphone-searches, and only enriches the mobile results with information on the mobile version of a domain, our goal was to identify weaknesses in the mobile implementation with the help of the smartphone Visibility Index.

To make the comparison of both indexes possible, we have opted for the same keyword set, search depth and emphasis on search volume and ranking position. This means that, for both values, we collect 25 million data points for Germany and 100 million data points for the rest of the world in the Toolbox and compare them to each other.

The smartphone Visibility Index collects data once a per week, just like the desktop Visibility Index. The data collection has been taking place since 02.03.2015 for Germany and since 06.07.2015 for the rest of the world.