Which Google Analytics KPIs can I use in the GA integration?

When you have linked your Google Analytics account with the SISTRIX toolbox, you can use different KPIs on the analysis page for the comparison graphic. You can choose from the following GA KPIs in the options box below the progress:

  • Visits: The number of all visits. Each visit of a user is counted separately.
  • Visitors: The number of different users. Multiple visits by the same user will be counted as only one visitor here.
  • Time on the site: The accumulated visit duration of all visitors (in seconds), who were on the domain/host/site.
  • Organic search: The number of visitors that came to the site through an organic search at a search engine.
  • New visitors: The number of visitors that have not previously been on this domain/host/site.
  • BouncesThe number of visits during which the visitor immediately switches to a different domain after the first page.
  • Entrances: The number of entrances is increased during the first pageview hit of a session.
  • Page views: The number of accumulated page views of all visitors.
  • Average time on site per visit: The average time (in seconds) that a visit to the domain/host lasted.
  • Average time on site per visitor: The average time (in seconds), accumulated through all visits, that a visitor spent on the domain/host.
  • Bounce rate: All visits, during which the user left the domain right after the first page view (bouncer), in comparison to all visits, during which an internal link was followed.
  • Average page views per visit: The relation of page views to the number of visits. It displays the number of page views, that a user makes on average per visit.
  • Bounce-Entrance-Rate: The relation of visits that included at least one internal link, to the number of visits that were concluded after the visit of the first page (visitor has left the page in the direction of another domain).