Why is an exact search volume not shown?

We obtain the search volume data from more than 11 different sources. By including different sources for search volume we are able to clean up outliers in these sources, which gives us a better quality of data compared to relying on only one source of data. With the aforementioned data on hand, we then calculate an index value for search volume on a scale between 0 – 100 for each keyword.

We use the approach of an index value for our search volume data because there are just too many factors, such as weather, vacation time, weekends, seasons, media coverage and many more, which can lead to large fluctuations in traffic in some month. Absolute or “exact” values would feign a level of accuracy which is not truly given.

Based on this index value you can estimate the level of search volume per keyword. The values are very well suited to identify whether it is an important keyword with a high search volume or whether the keyword can be disregarded, from a search volume point of view.

While we are aware that other tools will serve up “exact” search volume data, we are more comfortable with the added due diligence of using more than one source for our traffic values.