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Digital Market Visibility

De SISTRIX Toolbox is het belangrijkste instrument dat door SEO professionals wordt gebruikt.

Unique Data Tracking Digital Market Movements.

Visibility index, competition and opportunity analysis and historical data through professional-focused modules aimed at SEOs and digital market analysts.


SEO Module

SEO is visibility and this is why we created the Visibility Index in 2008. Based on continuous and extensive Google search result analysis, we make search easy to understand.

  • Instant mobile and desktop SEO data for over 140 million domains
  • Find and analyse visibility history for all competitor domains, directories and URLs
  • Actionable analysis, indicators and graphics in our SEO-focused toolbox
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Optimizer Module

The optimizer allows you to perform highly-tailored SEO analysis. Track keywords across a wide selection of countries, cities and languages and get technical analysis from our crawler.

  • Self-defined search term and local visibility
  • HTML source archiving assists with change management
  • On-page analysis with actionable feedback and unlimited re-crawling
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Links Module

Check strengths and weaknesses of incoming links with multiple link sources and our real-time LinkRating assessment tool.

  • Unlimited domain analyses
  • Visibility Index value for backlinks at domain and URL level
  • Instant broken-link analysis for any domain
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Ads Module

Use keyword and domain-oriented data to view Adwords, Google shopping and banner source, destination, copy and positioning across all SISTRIX countries and any domains.

  • Historical data
  • Find related competitors and ad activities
  • Retargeted ads location discovery
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Social Module

Find performant content examples for topics, locate audiences and track recently shared content for any domain.

  • Locate the biggest audiences
  • Rank shared URLs for any domain
  • Tracked domains updated daily
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Marketplace Module

Data and tools for analysis and optimisation of all vendors Amazon business activities.

  • Discover and analyse competitors through data and alerts
  • View all vendors Visibility, products and best-sellers
  • Optimizer identifies issues with images, text and reviews
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For Professionals, From Professionals.

Since we invented the Visibility Index 10 years ago our mission has been to make Google Rankings transparent and easy to understand. We work every day to deliver SEOs the best data that they can find, and this is not going to change.

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