SERP Snippet Generator
Google will show both your website's title as well as the meta-description within the search results. Together, they make up the first points of contact that any one searching will have with your content. This is the reason why you should put some effort into animating the searchers to click on your result by optimising not only the title but also the meta-description. The SERP Snippet-Generator can help you with your CTR optimization and will show you how other users will see the searchresult for your website.

Correctly optimise your search result

Title-Tag Optimization

The Title-element, also called the Title-Tag, is one of the most important ranking-factors, when it comes to a websites OnPage-optimization. The content of the Title-element should not be longer than 55 Characters (without spaces), or 512 pixel, in lenght. This way you make sure that Google will show the entire title in the Search Engine Results Pages.

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Meta-Description Optimization

The meta-description is a short preview of the content on a URL and should be available for each page on the website, so that Google can show them in their searchresults. You can structure your meta-description by the AIDA-principle, in order to entice many visitors to click on your result.

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Why does Google replace my optimised title or meta-description?

It may happen that your optimised title-element and meta-description are shown differently in the searchresults that what you specified in the HTML-sourcecode or your CMS. This will happen if Google believes the current snippet to be "too poorly written" or "unsuitable" compared to the content on the page and/or the actual users search-query.

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