SISTRIX Labs: Traffic Estimation

Traffic estimation from SISTRIX Labs is an experimental feature for estimating the Google organic traffic for a domain. The calculation is currently under active development. We would appreciate feedback.

On the basis of the known public data for a domain, we estimate the average Google traffic received per month and the costs that would be incurred for the purchase of this traffic via Google Ads.

Calculation of the traffic estimate

The calculation of the estimation follows these three steps:

  1. We retrieve all keywords where the domain in question currently ranks in the top 100 from the country database. In addition, the associated search volumes of the keywords are fetched.
  2. For these keywords and their respective ranking position, we determine the click-through rates (CTR) for all ranking keywords.
  3. In third and final step, we add up these values and thus calculate the traffic estimate. To calculate the traffic value we use public Google CPC (click price) rates.

The traffic estimate is, as it suggests, an estimate based on public data. Much of the data we include can lead to inaccuracies and deviations, meaning that the final value cannot be guaranteed correct.

Monthly average for the yearly traffic

When estimating traffic, we calculate the monthly expected organic Google traffic based on the annual average. This means that seasonal topics and domains can be significantly above and below the calculated values in individual months. Short-term trends are also not fully and correctly covered and strong localisation also leads to expected deviations.

Why don’t I see the traffic estimation in SISTRIX?

We will roll out the experimental traffic estimation as a SISTRIX Labs feature step by step for all accounts. Not all SISTRIX accounts currently have access to this feature. Depending on the feedback from the current users of the traffic estimate and the necessary adjustments, expansion to all accounts can take some time.