OnPage-Optimisation using the SISTRIX Optimizer

SISTRIX Optimizer – setting up your project To analyse a webpage based on OnPage factors with the Toolbox, you have to set up the website as a project in the “Optimizer” module. We will use the German bank “Sparkasse” ( for this tutorial. To start using the Optimizer, sign into […]

Creating overviews with dashboards

Dashboards allow you to build your own overviews. You can assemble the data you need for one domain or many. Additional clicks in the SISTRIX Toolbox become obsolete. This tutorial shows you how to easily create dashboards.

Use Shortlinks to easily present Data

You have probably wanted to present or share data from the SISTRIX Toolbox with others, on more than once occasion. For this, the shortlinks, which we will introduce to you in this tutorial, are the ideal feature to show your customers or coworkers information from the Toolbox.

Online-Archive for Reports

Since October 2013, you can use the new version of the SISTRIX Toolbox to store reports in an online archive. This feature is exciting for people that do not always immediately read emails with PDF reports, or who want to be able to check back on something in older reports. […]

PDF-Reports: Configuration & Adjustments

It is important to get regular reports on how websites are developing. With the SISTRIX Toolbox you can effectively create and send individualised reports to yourself, customers or third parties, like programmers. In this tutorial you will be shown how to create and adjust these reports. You can add data […]

Profiles for your co-workers in the SISTRIX Toolbox

Being successful in your day-to-day online-marketing work necessitates working alongside a number of people from your organisation. For this, our user-profiles enable you to work alongside up to five of your colleagues within the SISTRIX Toolbox at the same time and no additional cost. This tutorial will show you how […]

Examples for the Usage of Lists

The ability to create lists is a very flexible function in the Toolbox that has a wide variety of different uses. Lists are best suited as notes. In this small tutorial we want to give you a few ideas on how you can work well with lists.

Document Developments with Event-Pins

The SISTRIX Toolbox supports website owners by making it easy to document developments. For this, you can use the “Event-Pins” integrated into the Toolbox. These pins come in three different types and are visible in the different charts of the Toolbox. Users who work with pins can find the reason […]

Using Alerts in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The SISTRIX Toolbox has different alerts available that permit every user to be notified via email about changes to data. These functions can be useful in various ways and should be applied by every user.