LinkPlus - twice the data quality with SISTRIX and Majestic

The link data within the SISTRIX Toolbox are unique. They are not only made up of our incredible data-base from our own link crawlers but will now also use the outstanding data from Majestic. Within our Link module you get the combined power from both sources. Together they make a world class data-base that has no rival. You can use LinkPlus both continuously for 250 domains or on a daily basis for 250 more domains for ad hoc evaluations, without any extra costs. Don’t be satisfied by anything less.

Checklist overview of: the most important features

combined link data from SISTRIX and Majestic

Googlebot SimTech



Linktext evaluation

freely combine filters

check the availability of linked pages

new links



Exports (CSV/PDF)


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LinkRating - we will asses the value of your links

It is a very time consuming job to check each link by hand and newcomers will usually find the categorization to be very hard. Let us take a big chunk of work off your hands with our unique LinkRating. We will crawl all incoming links to your domain in real time and will also gather a large amount of additional data for our rating. We will then automatically analyse the data fresh off the press for more than 30 important criteria. You will get a neat evaluation of which links are good and which ones are a rist and why. Each week you are able to run a LinkRating evaluation for one domain without any extra costs. Let us take long hour of manual labour of your hands.

Freely combine filters for boundless freedom during your expert analyses

The Link module will automatically run the most important evaluations and show you the results as neat and easily understandable summaries. In case you want to dig deeper into the data, you are free to check out all the external links for a domain with all the detailed information. With our powerful filters you can get at exactly the links you want to look at for your expert-analysis. All filters can be combined freely and you can comfortably save them for later use, in case you want to use them more often.