Direct comparison between desktop and mobile within one timeline

We are able to show you Visibility comparisons for nearly any website with data from 2015 onwards. This way you can nicely see how websites reacted to Google’s Mobile Friendly Update. And if you notice changes to the website, you can immediately check out the effects those changes have on both the desktop- as well as the smartphone Visibility.

Analyze mobile rankings down to the last detail

You can use all of our award winning analysis-features within the SEO module of the SISTRIX Toolbox for both desktop and smartphone rankings. Simply choose whether you want to analyze the standard (desktop)- or smartphone-data. All the keywords are identical, we simply monitor them from two different types of devices. With the SISTRIX Toolbox, you can use both sets of keyword databases at no additional cost.

Checklist overview of: the most important features

part of the SEO-module at no extra cost

Smartphone Visibility Index

evaluate data up to keyword-level

History data

Comparison desktop and smartphone


Exports (CSF/PDF)


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Mobile SEO Guide

We will teach you what you need to be mindful of for Google to show your results within the mobile search as well as on the desktop search within our knowledge base. These guides will give you step-by-step explanations of which mistakes to avoid. And if there are still some cases where you are not sure what is being talked about, you can simply call our excellent support team, free of charge.