“The most respected standard for measuring a website's online visibility”

For years, the SISTRIX Visibility Index is already the gold-standard in evaluating a website's rankings on Google. SISTRIX invented the Visibility Index in 2008 and thereby revolutionized the world of SEO-tools. From then on, you were able to use one uniform key value to objectively measure, compare and purposefully control your SEO-success. The SISTRIX Visibility Index is so highly valued thanks to our unique method of sampling, data collection and calculations, which makes it incomparable to any other key value. The German magazine "Wirtschafts Woche" calls it the most respected standard for measuring a website's online visibility.

Smartphone Visibility Index

Google is already seeing more searches coming from mobile devices than from desktop computers. In the spring of 2015, Google notified webmasters that mobile friendly Websites also receive a ranking advantage in the mobile search results. Google will go even further with their "mobile first" motto by making their mobile index their main index, in the near future. This turned mobile SEO into a compulsory task for any company. We made sure to take these changes into account. At SISTRIX, we are already monitoring all our rankings twice, something no other tool does. Once for the desktop search, and once for the smartphone visibility.

Checklist: SISTRIX Visibility Index

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data history going back to 2008

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regular monitoring of 50-200 million data points per country

Make Google Updates visible

In order to make Google Updates (like the Panda- or Penguin-Updates, for example) visible, we came up with our event-pins. We will add all official Google-Updates to the Toolbox for you and will automatically show an event-pin, if the visibility for your domain has seen a major shift at the exact same time as a Google Update. It has never been easier to figure out the aftermath of a Google Update and react by taking the correct countermeasures. You are also able to create your own pins in order to mark important events on your website, such as a relaunch, and document their effects on the visibility.

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There is no one who knows your website and your industry as well as yourself. For this reason, we offer you the possibility to create your individual keywords-set within the SISTRIX Optimizer. We will take care of the rest and regularly monitor the rankings as well as create an individual Visibility Index value, specifically for your keyword-set. With this, you can shine a light on and analyse any niche you like.