Teamwork with colleagues: To-dos in the Optimizer

Patrick Ugol
Patrick spielt bei SISTRIX den inhouse Erklär-Bär in Webinaren, Seminaren, Tutorials und bei Frag SISTRIX Artikeln. Nebenbei steht er auch gerne knietief in unseren englischen Texten und scheucht unsere Übersetzer durch die Gegend.
Category: Optimizer

The SISTRIX Toolbox does not only allow multiple profiles per account, but also enables the cooperation between these profiles in the Optimizer. Together with your colleagues you are able to quickly finish tasks on your website. The on-page measures are most easily realised by a team. Our to-dos will help with this.

Creating a new to-do

You can always click on “Todo” in the horizontal navigation, in the middle of the page, in the Optimizer. There we will show you an overview of all the to-dos which were already created. You are able to freely set up to-dos right there but most of the times, you will want to create a task during your evaluation of the website.

To-dos overwiev in the Optimizer

Within each analysis in the Optimizer you can create to-dos through the description box. You can go to “Onpage > Warnings”, for example, in the left-hand navigation and select one of the active warnings. In this tutorial I chose “Empty Meta-Description”.

create the to-do

Once you click on the green button “Create a to-do” a pop-up opens up, which already contains a basic description for the task. You can freely adjust the text or just keep the default. Next you add a deadline for when the task should be completed and you select a priority. Then you assign this task to a member of our team.

activate the to-do

The team member responsible will see the task in the Optimizer. The task does not even have to be opened, as all the important information can be seen directly in the overview. The only time you would have to open the to-do would be if there were comments.

To-do details

  • Title
  • Priority
  • Description
  • Person responsible
  • Date of completion

All information are complete. When the task is done, you can finish it by clicking on the green button “Mark as done”.

As we said before, you can just define your own task on the “Todos” page. To-dos do not have to correspond to content on the Optimizer.

Tutorial to-do

Using the filter function, tasks can be sorted according to their status. That means you can stop completed tasks from being displayed. Or you can only display the ones already completed, in case you would like to evaluate the work that was completed over the previous months.

filter the to-dos

If you want to see all tasks regardless of their status you can do so, too.

Example for using a to-do

You are knee deep in a website analysis and are looking at the results in the Optimizer. There, you notice that the page title is too long. You now open the page in the browser and see other potential issues. Not all of which can be shown in the SISTRIX Toolbox. If you see, for example, that the text on the page is not optimal, you can create a task for your colleague in the content department. Or set a to-do for yourself, to get to it at a later time.

Did you notice that a product picture is not up to date, during the analysis? Add it as a to-do in the Optimizer and get to it later. This way you can go through your evaluation in peace and completely concentrate on the Toolbox and your website.

You create an entire task list with deadlines, responsibilities and descriptions and subsequently complete the tasks with all responsible co-worker.

It is great to quickly get rid of problems right when you notice them, but usually this takes up more time, as you may have to login numerous times or you have to look through the pictures multiple times or edit a subpage in the admin area of your website multiple times. All because just now you are changing the page title and in ten minutes you will be back, changing the description or a headline.

If you concentrate on creating to-dos you can use a structured approach to finishing these tasks.