SISTRIX Christmas Campaign

Helping those in need, one mouseclick at a time – SISTRIX donates 10.000 Euro to the Bonn family fund Robin Good.

Even in such a rich country as Germany there are people who lack the bare essentials – this is why we hold our SISTRIX Christmas Campaign every year.

Under our motto “you click, we donate” we have our SISTRIX ferris wheel go round and round live in our webstream, with every click.

And for every click, we donate one Euro to a local charity – until we reach our goal.

2018 has been a special year:

2018 we donated 10.000 € to the family fund of the Caritas and Diakonie Bonn, Robin Good.

The offer help where it is needed, independently of origin, religion or gender; Values we share here at SISTRIX.

Thank you very much for your support!