Every click a SISTRIX donation

In an industry that is constantly changing, we only hold on to one tradition at SISTRIX: our SISTRIX-Ferris-Wheel!

Every year during the Christmas Season we have our ferris-wheel fundraiser. And you are invited to watch and become a part of it!

Every click counts

Every click starts the ferris-wheel and every turn it makes donates a Euro to the Bonn charity Robin Good - until we have reached our goal of 5.000 €.

Robin Good is a charitable fund found by the Caritas and Diakonie, two well known German charities. Robin Good helps families in Bonn and the surrounding region that have fallen on hard times, quickly and without without red tape - regardless of nationality, gender or religious affiliation.

Sounds good? Then start clicking to give the ferris-wheel a spin!

Merry Christmas!