Content Assistant AI

Perfect content, 

The Content Asistant AI helps you with keyword research and competitor analysis leading you to perfect and unique content.


The SISTRIX Content Editor

Content-creation is complex enough – with the SISTRIX Content Assistant AI you have everything in one place and can create the perfect content in no time - with assistance from artificial intelligence .

Let AI write for you

Use the power of AI and let it write a paragraph or two about your heading.

Find ideas

You know the topic, but you're still looking for ideas? Let AI take over the brainstorming and create something special from your idea.

Create lists

(Almost) everything can have a list. Let AI research the pros and cons for a topic, and list them out for you.

Individual text

Blog entry

Product description

Pro's & Con's

Category text


Press release


Dictionary entry


Try the Content Assistant AI out, now

There's no need to be afraid of that blank sheet. With the Content Assistant AI you can choose one of the available templates and watch as AI creates high quality, SEO-optimised text. It's never been so easy.


Create briefings and work collaboratively

Get the absolute best from your team and work together on your content. Use the tools and data for research and create a briefing that someone else can use to create the text.


Your protection against duplicate content

Have the confidence that your content is as unique as it deserves to be. Our integrated plagiarism checker shows you when text might have been copied from other sites.

Frequently asked questions

How does the SISTRIX Content Assistant AI work?

The Content Assistant AI combines the extensive keywords and competition data from the SISTRIX database with artificial intelligence. Presently, the Assistant uses a connection to OpenAI GPT-4, however, it will also be able to access other interfaces in the future.

How does the SISTRIX Content Assistant AI help me with SEO optimisation?

The SISTRIX Content Assistant AI is unique in the way it works, as it combines the database behind our SEO software with artificial intelligence. For example, it does not analyse individual keywords, but rather topic fields and automatically defines your competitive environment based on your original keyword, additional keywords related to it and the URLs that rank well there.

Are the projects I can create with the Content Assistant AI limited?

Depending on the SISTRIX package you have booked, a certain number of new content projects are available to you each month. All projects that were created over a period of one month are taken into account. After this time, content projects can be permanently deleted, until then there is only the option of archiving them.

For example, a project from 15.06. can be archived until 14.07. From 15.07. it is no longer counted and can also be permanently deleted.

Which languages can I use to create texts with the SISTRIX Content Assistant AI?

The Content Assistant AI works with all languages that you already know from SISTRIX. Here you will find an up-to-date overview of the supported countries.

Does my team need a SISTRIX account to use the Content Assistant AI?

Once you have set up a new project in the Content Assistant AI, you can define who is responsible for content creation and add authors in the project settings under "Overview". These authors do not need their own SISTRIX accounts. No additional costs will arise for you.

How can I further process the content created in the SISTRIX Content Assistant AI?

In the Editor of the Content Assistant AI, you will find the button "File". Use this button to export the text you created including title and meta description as a PDF, DOCX, TXT or HTML file and use it where you need it.