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We believe SEO doesn't have to be mysterious. We want to make Google rankings transparent and easy to understand. That's why we created the SISTRIX Toolbox. It provides you with the most important SEO performance indicators for any desired domain. But that's not all. You don't have to install any software, either, or spend time creating projects. Since 2008, the Toolbox has been automatically gathering important data on practically every possible domain. All you have to do is call up results and evaluations in your internet browser with just a few clicks. This ease of use, combined with the quality of our data and our unrivaled customer support, has made the Toolbox the most popular SEO tool in Germany for years.

See important KPIs at a glance
Comprehensive set of evaluations
Keywords used
Data on almost any domain
Detailed information for large domains
Google visibility over time
SISTRIX Visibility Index
The Original – a globally recognized performance indicator for SEO success

SISTRIX invented the Visibility Index to make it easy to analyze changes in Google rankings over time for any website, and for a large number of keywords.

To create our analysis, we automatically check the rankings of millions and millions of keywords every week in more than 12 different countries. We enrich our findings with additional data, then use a specially developed algorithm to calculate an individual website's Visibility – it's market share, so to speak – of Google results. Because of its high degree of usability, the Visibility Index has quickly established itself as a standard in the field of SEO. Even in the US, experts and media outlets frequently use SISTRIX data to report on Google updates. It's clear: today's best SEO data is “Made in Germany.”

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Award-Winning Support
Professional SEO know-how

A SEO tool is only valuable if it's being used effectively. That's why, over the last few years, we have put so much thought into how we can introduce inexperienced users to working with SEO and offer them the best possible support. We don't just want to deliver straightforward tools for SEO success, we also want to provide an introduction to how SEO works. We want to make Search Engine Optimization accessible to everyone. As a result, we offer the best and most extensive customer support, by far, in the SEO tool market, setting us apart from the competition. The SISTRIX Toolbox is so much more than “just” an SEO tool.

Stay Competitive
Use the SISTRIX information advantage

Would you like to know if your competitors have better Google Visibility than you do? Do you need to know what rankings they have for which keywords? Interested in which keywords they're buying AdWords for, and which websites link to them? Our Toolbox offers reliable, clear, and easy to understand answers to all of these questions and more.

This enables you to easily create meaningful competitor analyses and figure out the secrets to your competitors' success. Then you can act on this information to make sure no one stands in the way of your company's hard-earned place in the Google rankings.

On Page Analysis
The Optimizer saves you time and money

Wouldn't it be nice if there was someone who was always keeping an eye on your website? Someone you could rely on to warn you about technical SEO mistakes? The SISTRIX Optimizer makes this dream a reality.

It automatically crawls your website the way Google does, analyzing each page it finds according to all significant SEO criteria. And it does so better and more quickly than a human could. This saves you both time and money. You will receive clear, easy-to-read weekly reports on the results.

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Additional information about the individual keyword-sets

Kai Spriestersbach

I have been using the SISTRIX Toolbox since I began specializing in SEO. I think it's the ideal tool for monitoring the progress of my own projects or analyzing past changes in the Visibility index for a customer domain before I start a more thorough evaluation.
Perfect SEO Reports
White label reports using your design

You should be proud of an SEO job well done. That's why the Toolbox offers you the ability to create SEO reports in your design and with your logo.

Using our advanced technology, you can determine the content of your reports and incorporate any evaluation from the Toolbox into any report. This means your customers or your management team will receive the specific analyses they need most. The Toolbox automatically generates the reports you compile at the intervals you want, and can even deliver them for you promptly to specific e-mail addresses you provide.

Time is money. Companies with multiple websites and SEO-agencies can set up report templates. They can then use these templates to create reports for new projects in minutes, and reconfigure them to their unique purposes as needed.

Linked Data with Googlebot SimTech
Professional link analysis from Google's point of view

Links are one of the most important SEO ranking factors. However, as far as Google is concerned, not all links are created equal. Data also quickly becomes out of date. That's why a link analysis should not simply include as much data as possible, some of which may already be obsolete. It's more important to focus on current, relevant link data to make evaluations, just as Google does. That's why we've set a new standard with our link crawler.

Using our extensive data on individual domains, we specifically designed our own link crawler to provide the best possible simulation of Googlebot. We call it Googlebot SimTech. We crawl 500,000 pages per minute (over 20 billion pages per month) using our unique, advanced technology. During this process, we find and analyze over 250 billion links per month, deleting dead links promptly. This means you don't just receive comprehensive data, you receive fresh, relevant data – just what you need for a professional link analysis.

Additional information about LinkPlus and LinkRating
Event Pins
Make Google updates visible
We created our event pins to make Google updates (such as Panda and Penguin updates) clearly visible. We add all official Google updates to the Toolbox so that they are displayed automatically as event pins if a domain's Visibility has changed significantly at the same time as an update. It has never been easier to identify the effects of Google updates and react to them efficiently. You can also add your own pins as well – to mark a website relaunch, for instance, or for any other event.

Sepita Ansari
Catbird Seat GmbH

I have been using the SISTRIX Toolbox ever since I began working with SEO. It is the ideal tool for in-house SEO teams with international portfolios. It's easy to manage multiple countries, and the SISTRIX API augments your internal tools with valuable information.
International Data at No Additional Cost
Infinite Growth
Besides data from the US, the SISTRIX Toolbox also offers you access to data from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, and Brazil for your ad-hoc analyses. You can also use the SISTRIX Optimizer to retrieve the rankings for your own keyword sets in over 40 different country and language versions.
Unique Detailed Analyses from SISTRIX
Success is in the details
A website consists of many different areas, including different hostnames (subdomains), directories, and URLs. Each area develops in its own way and you need to be able to manage areas individually for your overall website to be successful. We wanted to make the unthinkable possible by offering detailed analyses for each area of your website. To do so, we had to completely re-engineer the entire database architecture of the SISTRIX Toolbox. The result is the first SEO tool which displays data for individual hostnames, domains, directories, and URLs. You can use SISTRIX detailed analyses to enter new, never before seen dimensions of SEO.
Mobile SEO
Smartphone Visibility Index

Mobile search queries have increased dramatically in the last few years, and in some countries they already surpass desktop searches. Google rewards mobile-friendly websites with better rankings on smartphones, penalizing poorly designed mobile websites. That's why we were the first to introduce a Smartphone Visibility Index. You'll be able to tell immediately whether your domain's mobile SEO has any weaknesses, or if everything is working correctly.

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Analyze and optimize organic Google search results
Analyze Universal Search Integrations within a search like news, photos, videos, etc.
Reveal your own website's, or a competitor's backlink profile and check for link risks
Analyze AdWords and banner campaigns for any website
Analyze social signals in the five largest networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn
On page analysis of your websites and creation of unique keyword sets.