SISTRIX Toolbox Quick Start Guide

The SISTRIX Toolbox is a leading SEO data and analytics tool. We track Google SERPs and URLs, billions of data points per week, and allow you to see what keywords and URLs are ranking on almost every domain out there, in many different countries. Our Visibility Index is one of the easiest ways to compare SERPs rankings between domains.

In order to help you get started with SISTRIX we have put together this quick guide and reference page.

What is the Visibility Index?

The beating-heart of the SISTRIX Toolbox is the Visibility Index. Watch the video below to get a quick overview of what it is and how to interpret it. Alternatively, read our detailed Visibility Index guide here.

Who are my competitors?

You’ll only find out how good (or bad) your Visibility Index is when you compare it to others. You can learn more in our detailed guide to finding and analysing competitors.

Competitors: The domains shown here are the strongest competitors in the Google search results.

What do I do when the Visibility Index is not shown?

Very small or new websites might not have enough ranking data to enable us to show a Visibility Index. Don’t worry, this is normal. In order to move your domain forward though, you’ll need to take the next steps. Creating your own Visibility Index is a great way to start collecting data and competitor information for new, long-tail, local and very niche keywords.

Starting up. When the Visibility Index for a domain is not shown, we’re able to show you the important actions in the Toolbox.

How to proceed – Your next steps with SISTRIX.

At this point, we have taken a look at a very important but small part of the Toolbox cosmos. From here on, the following features and tutorials are worth a closer look: