SISTRIX provides SEO professionals with the best data and tools for analysing search visibility.

Our mission

To make search transparent

Giants like Google Amazon and Facebook dominate the Internet, and those who want to succeed in the digital world need to be seen on their platforms.

At SISTRIX, we have set ourselves a mission to ensure that companies of all sizes can benefit as much as possible from accessible and usable data and analytics from major Web platforms.


Better Google Rankings

Optimise your website with the most used SEO-Software, discover the secrets of success by the competition and get more users from Google.

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Success in the Amazon Marketplace

With SISTRIX you can highlight the most popular product searches. Expose the secrets of success of your competitors, improve your rankings and target better results.

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Search for Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

Search over 94 million profiles on the most important platforms for content creators and find the right influencer on TikTokInstagram and YouTube.

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Daten und Fakten

You’d like to know more about SISTRIX? Had a look through this collection of data and facts about SISTRIX.

More than 1000 servers

Over 40 employees

Customers from over 30 countries

Data for over 100 million domains

Located in new offices in Bonn

Lots of coffee machines

Working at SISTRIX

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The successful businesses of the future will be making decisions using the best digital business data. If you want to be a part of a team that is working to provide class-leading digital data, join us, and grow with us.

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