What is SISTRIX?

SISTRIX provides SEO professionals with the best data and tools for analysing search visibility.


Our mission

To make search transparent.

Giants like Google , Amazon and Facebook dominate the Internet, and those who want to succeed in the digital world need to be seen on their platforms.

At SISTRIX, we have set ourselves a mission to ensure that companies of all sizes can benefit as much as possible from accessible and usable data and analytics from major Web platforms.

  •   More than 1000 servers
  •   Over 40 employees
  •   Customers from over 30 countries
  •   Data for over 100 million domains
  •   Located in new offices in Bonn
  •   Lots of coffee machines
Working at Sistrix

Join our Team

The successful businesses of the future will be making decisions using the best digital business data If you want to be a part of a team that is working to provide class-leading digital data, join us, and grow with us.

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From day 1 until now…

The history of SISTRIX.

Over a decade ago, SISTRIX’s founder and CEO Johannes Beus, was an SEO consultant looking for good Google ranking data. After tools to collect the data himself he built the first version of the SISTIRX Toolbox. In 2008 it hit the market and the product has been collecting data ever since.