In the beginning there was the desire for online marketing data for virtually any domain. Today SISTRIX is the most used software of SEO professionals. For over 10 years we have been helping reputable companies to constantly improve their websites.

As one of the first German-language contact points, the SISTRIX SEO Blog informs about developments and trends in the industry since 2003. SISTRIX GmbH, founded a year later by Johannes Beus, offered SEO Consulting in the first years. However, the necessary figures and data were missing. Johannes Beus quickly collected them himself and equipped them with an intuitive interface: in 2008 the first version of the software, which was named SISTRIX Toolbox, hit the market.

The SISTRIX Toolbox quickly became a success. As the most-used tool of SEO professionals it has won numerous awards and surveys. With the SISTRIX Visibility index the performance of more than one hundred million domains is viewable at a glance. Numerous data and analysis options reveal the secrets of success of all successful websites. The consistent further development of the software is part of the corporate DNA of SISTRIX: new analysis capabilities and additional data is constantly being added.

Today, more than 30 employees at the company headquarters in the city center of Bonn stand behind the success of SISTRIX. More than 1,000 servers process over 250 billion links, many billion ranking data and more than 100 billion social signals. Customers from more than 30 countries rely daily on the high data quality of the SISTRIX Toolbox, and through us are able to improve their visibility on the internet.