SISTRIX Seminars

Free training workshops by experienced professionals for customers and testers.


Note: Registrations for on-location workshops are currently on-hold. A new online training workshop is, however, now available.

The toolbox’s huge database can give you the answers to almost any SEO question – you just need ask it the right questions. In our training seminars, we’ll show you how to use the features of the Toolbox. Solid workflows and practical examples will help you in your daily work.

SISTRIX Toolbox Training Seminar

The introductory training seminar for the SISTRIX Toolbox. Discover growth potential with new keywords, find broken links, or see your website’s On-page errors. In our toolbox seminar you will learn all this and much more.

Toolbox seminars are suitable for beginners, advanced and SEO professionals who want to learn how to use the SISTRIX Toolbox. Free of charge for SISTRIX customers and toolbox testers.


What Seminars do you want to see?

If you’re already familiar with the SISTRIX Toolbox, we’d love to hear about your requirements for the next step. Here are some ideas but if you’ve got others, don’t hesitate to contact the UK event manager by email:

Content Marketing Seminar
Basics, analysis of techniques and concrete examples for the successful implementation of content marketing.
Agency Seminar
Our agency seminars address the specific needs of service providers in the SEO industry.
Competitor Analysis
Learn how to properly analyse your competitors in our competitive analysis seminar.


We start the day at 10am with an introduction round. If you can bring a laptop, it will help you work through the case studies with your own domains. Pens, paper, drinks and WiFi are provided.

Location, access and parking details are provided by email after sign-up. Places are limited to 8 people.

There’s no sales element involved with these training days. We simply want to make you get on-board with us in the best way possible.

We’ll assume that you know some basic SEO-related HTML features, some SEO ranking factors and are familiar with the structure of a Google search result. Here’s the workshop SEO’s beginners guide to help you.

For Toolbox Training Workshops, the first participant in a calendar year is free. Users of free test account may also sign up. Additional participants from a company are charged at 300 Euro (plus the relevant tax) per person.

In order to give everyone a fair chance to attend the training workshops, we limit the participants to 2 people per company, per workshop.