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Software is only helpful if you use it. Therefore, we are happy to show you what you can do with the Toolbox - free for customers and testers.

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The SISTRIX Toolbox workshop gives new users an introduction into the extensive functions and evaluations that are possible with the Toolbox on the basis of tangible examples and case studies.

Free for customers
and trial users
of the toolbox.
590€ for non-customers.
Real practice examples
in small groups
Learning guaranteed.
for your
participation included.

The SISTRIX Toolbox Workshop is free of charge for all SISTRIX customers who are interested. Newcomers will receive an introduction into the extensive functions and evaluation possibilities the Toolbox has to offer, through the use of specific examples and case studies. The training takes place in small groups on different dates in different cities. Simply sign up for one of the appointments offered.

Price: 590,- € for non-customers - free of charge for customers and trial accounts. Please be advised that we can only offer a single workshop participation per company or person (regardless of price).


10:00 till 13:00
  • Including breaks
  • Introductions: We will start at 10am sharp. Please bring your own notebook, so you can try out everything we talk about right then and there.
  • SEO Basics: The most important ranking factors on Google
  • SEO-Module Part 1: Introduction, overview, case-studies and SEO-tips
13:00 till 14:00
  • Lunch: SISTRIX invites you out for lunch
14:00 till 17:00
  • Including breaks
  • SEO-Module Part 2: Learn to use the SEO-Module like a Pro
  • Optimizer-Module: Create projects, Onpage evaluations and your own keyword sets
  • Link-Module: Analyse link profiles, find sources for new links and competitor evaluations
  • Ads-Module: Evaluate Google AdWords, Display-Ads and Retargeting campaigns
  • Universal-Search-Module: Analyse the Universal Search integrations such as News, Pictures, Videos etc. in the Web-search

Seminars in your city

The training takes place in small groups at our headquarters in Bonn and in other cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Upcoming seminar dates

No seminar dates available

You would like to take part in one of our workshops but the ones close to you are already full? User our email notification feature on the page for the city of your choice and let us notify you, once a new workshop becomes available.


SISTRIX offers seminars in many cities in europe. Click on your country and see all available seminar dates. Please select your country: Germany, Spain, UK.

Please note that we can offer only one seminar per year per company or person.