Introductory Workshop (single Day)
Free workshops for Toolbox customers

SISTRIX is the industry leader for SEO evaluation software within the German-speaking world. Companies use our software to get detailed insights into their own and their competitors Google-potential. The SISTRIX Toolbox Workshop is free of charge for all SISTRIX customers who are interested. Newcomers will receive an introduction into the extensive functions and evaluation possibilities the Toolbox has to offer, through the use of specific examples and case studies.


10:00 till 10:30
Welcome: We will start at 10 am sharp. Please bring your own notebook so that you can try out everything you learn in the workshop, right away.
10:30 till 12:00
SEO Basics: The most important ranking factors for Google
12:00 till 12:30
SEO Module part 1: Introduction, feature summary, case studies and SEO tips. Complete with short breaks.
12:30 till 13:00
SEO Module part 2: Introduction, feature summary, case studies and SEO tips.
13:00 till 14:00
Lunch: SISTRIX is inviting you out to lunch.
14:00 till 14:30
Universal-Search Module: Introduction and case studies.
14:30 till 15:00
Ads Module: Introduction and case studies.
15:00 till 15:30
Optimizer Module Introduction and case studies.
15:30 till 16:00
Backlink Module: Introduction and case studies.
from 16:00
Final questions: We will clear up any questions you might still have.

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At the moment, there are no new workshops available.

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