Free Tools

The field of SEO is progressing at a fast pace; Best practice from a few months ago could lead to problems tomorrow. Our tutorials, Ask Sistrix articles and blogs are a core part of that but we also have some great free tools that can help.

It’s always good to know what your SEO performance is compared to your competitors. With the tools below you can compare your domain to that of others. Check Visibility Indexe, page loading times, and the impacts of Google updates.

Visibility Index

It’s important to know what your domain visibility is and how it compares to others. You can use this free tool to see the current Visibility Index for any domains across our complete country set.
Visibility Index
Check page loading speed

Google has confirmed that the loading-speed of a page is a ranking factor. This free tool will tell you how well your website compares to real user data.
Page load-speed tool

Check any domain for changes in their SISTRIX Visibiltiyindex value for the German, UK, USA and Spanish country-indexes for the weeks of public updates to Google’s algorithms.
Check Google Updates

Optimize the title and meta-description for your pages in order to receive as many clicks as possible for your search result. The SERP Snippet-Generator will show you a preview of how other users will see your search results.

SERP Snippet-GeneratorOptimise the title and meta-description of your websites to receive as many clicks as possible for your search. The SERP snippet generator will show you how other users see your website in their search results.
SERP Snippet-Generator

The usefulness of social networks to increase your presence across the web is well-established. To be more present on Instagram, we have a solution for you.

Instagram Hashtag GeneratorWith our Instagram hashtag generator you can discover popular and related hashtags for your posts that you might not be using. Win more followers and get more likes.
Instagram Hashtag Generator

Whether you have sites in different languages or produce a lot of international videos, our guides and tools will help you index these contents so that Google analyses them correctly.

The hreflang guide for international SEO

In this guide we will show you how to correctly handle multi-language websites. Avoid duplicate content and learn how to use the hreflang link-attribute.  
The hreflang Guide and Tools
Rich Snippet Generator for videos

Preview pictures for videos can increase the click-through-rate (CTR) of your search result. This generator creates the necessary sourcecode for the markup of your video.
Rich Snippet Generator

As a starting point for small and new websites we’ve created the SISTRIX Smart tool. Get a quick and easy overview of extensive on-page issues.