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Free SEO tools from the market-leader. Here’s an overview of our free tools. You are welcome to use these without an account. Always available online.

SERP Snippet Generator

Optimise Google Snippets

With the SERPS Snippet Generator you can optimise the way your web pages are shown in the search results. Optimise your use of the available space and tease the maximum click potential out of your rankings.


Free On-page analysis

The free SEO software for beginners: SISTRIX Smart combines the most important functions for small websites under one simple interface. Including on-page crawling and integration of the Google Search Console.

Visibility Index Check

Measure SEO success and check visibility

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is the gold standard for measuring SEO success with Google. With our free Visibility Index check you can discover the current value for every domain, on both Mobile and Desktop.

Google Update Radar

Spot Google Updates

With the Google Update Radar from SISTRIX you can see at a glance whether a Google update is currently being rolled-out or whether the changes in the Google SERPs are within the normal range.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

Discover Instagram Hashtags

The Instagram Hashtag generator will give you related and successful hashtags that you can use in your social media posts. Its based on the analysis of many billions of entries. With this free tool you’ll find the right hashtags for successful posts.

Pagespeed Tool

Compare your page speed

Google has confirmed that page loading speed is a ranking factor. With this free tool, you can find out how well your website compares with real user data.

Additional free tools

Additional free tools are listed below and come to you direct from the market leader.

Keyword Tool

This free SISTRIX Keyword Tool helps you to find the right keywords. You’ll discover new keywords, real user questions and related searches.

Analyse keyword

Hreflang Validator

Using the hreflang attribute ensures that Google understands the geographic orientation of a website and provides the user with the appropriate language version of the content.

Check hreflang tags

Hreflang Generator

Create the hreflang link attribute markup for your multilingual website and keep an eye on the bidirectional linking of the content.

To the hreflang Generator

Google Update

Always keep yourself up-to-date. With our Google update checklist you will stay informed when a new update from Google is pending.

View Google Updates

Rich Snippets for Videos

Generate rich snippets for your videos. Rich snippets are, for example, thumbnails of videos and can increase the click rate (CTR) of your search results.

Generate Video Rich-Snippets


Here you can find out about the correct use of Google and multilingual websites. Avoid duplicate content and learn to use the hreflang link attribute.

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