SISTRIX Educational Cooperation

We support tomorrow’s SEOs with today’s data! SISTRIX supports educational institutions and students in conveying knowledge about SEO in an understandable way, with the best data.

Use SISTRIX as part of your route through education

Nobody becomes an SEO expert in just a day. The SISTRIX Toolbox supports lecturers in preparing their courses in online marketing and gives students the opportunity to work with a professional tool from day one.

SISTRIX for courses

Bulk licensing for educational institutions

  • Free SISTRIX account for course instructors
  • Profiles for students based on the number of course participants
  • Individual management of course participants and access rights

SISTRIX for teachers

Support for lecturers and course leaders

  • 12-month free SISTRIX access for lecturers
  • Access to the complete SISTRIX database
  • Support for studies
    and research

SISTRIX for students

Access for self-study students

  • Free SISTRIX access for
  • Access to real SEO data for your thesis
  • Extensive resources from our knowledge base for self-learning

What you can expect from us

The perfect setup for SEOs-in-progress! Here are the benefits of our academic program:


Free SISTRIX access with your own password

Deepen SEO knowledge

Useful SEO learning


Our support team will be happy to help you with any questions

Quality, from the market leader

Benefit from the knowledge and data of professionals

What we expect from you

Our offer is based on mutual cooperation. Here are the conditions for requesting an educational account:

  • The course should have a clear connection with online marketing
    or SEO.
  • The toolbox is used for academic purposes only. Commercial use of the data is not permitted.
  • You already have basic knowledge of SEO and have an idea of ​​how the toolbox works.

You can find more detailed information in our FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites that must be met for participation in the educational program?

Since this is a special, free offer, we prefer state establishments or institutions that teach SEO-related subjects.

Also, the educational account can only be used for academic purposes. Those who use the tool for personal or commercial purposes will be immediately removed from the program.

Lecturers who apply for a free account for themselves and/or their course participants, must have attended a Toolbox seminar before the account can be activated.

I am a student – how can I benefit from the SISTRIX educational cooperation?

As a student, you can use your free SISTRIX account as part of your education or to prepare your bachelor’s/master’s thesis. As a result, you’ll have access to real digital marketing data and you can expand your research with relevant, interesting and exciting analyses and screenshots.

I am interested in educational cooperation: What do I have to do?

From the three account options at the top of the page, select the one that applies to you. If you click on "Register", a small form opens up, which we use to collect the most important information for applying for an account. Once you have filled out the form, we will send you an e-mail to clarify a few final details. As soon as we have all the data, we will give you feedback on your application after a maximum of seven days.

What is the SISTRIX educational cooperation?

With our educational cooperation, we actively support lecturers and students in their teaching. Faculty and course teachers, as well as graduates and students engaged in digital marketing and SEO can benefit from a free licence. In this way they can use the SISTRIX data and resources for their teaching advantage.

I am a lecturer – how do I benefit from the SISTRIX educational cooperation?

As a lecturer, you can use your free SISTRIX account for lessons or for teaching-related studies and presentations. In addition to access to all data from the SISTRIX Toolbox, you have the option, if required, of creating and independently managing access for your students or course participants. In this way, your course participants can solve application-related tasks at any time and actively follow the course content.