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SISTRIX Christmas Campaign 2021: You Click, We Donate
Rituals and festivities are particularly important in dynamic times like these and that’s why our Christmas Ferris wheel is turning again this year and we’re donating 10,000 euros. 
Steve Paine
Google Core Update November 2021
After a good four months of waiting, the time has come again – another Google Core Update. The search engine is making major changes to the organisation of search results. You can find all data, analyses and help in this blog post.
Johannes Beus
Google publishes a list of Googlebot’s IP addresses
The user agent is freely configurable for HTTP (S) access, which means there aren’t just “real” Googlebots our there on the Internet, but also third parties who hope to benefit from calling their crawlers Googlebot. In the past, the only way to determine the authenticity of Googlebot access was through […]
Johannes Beus
Basket Cases: Exposing the Real Competitors in UK Online Grocery Delivery
As home delivery and fast-track grocery delivery services come-of-age, competition in the grocery retail sector increases. Understanding the true leaders becomes more important, but more difficult, and it’s easy to make false assumptions. In this article we look at the leading players from various ‘basket’ perspectives. You’ll see classic supermarket […]
Steve Paine
IndexNow: The solution to a non-existent problem
Microsoft (Bing) and Yandex have defined a simple interface (API) with IndexNow via which website operators can use to inform search engines about new, changed or deleted URLs. IndexNow is explicitly not an indexing API: it is not the content of the website that is sent via the interface, but only the URL. The crawler of each participating […]
Johannes Beus
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