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Reddit and the 11.4 Million Organic Search Click Funnel
San Francisco’s $10bn social platform Reddit boasts 70 million daily users and has an estimated 11.4 million daily Google search clicks. It’s planning a public offering in March. This report analyzes Reddit’s recent organic growth, its key topic areas, competitive landscape, and stability.
Steve Paine
IndexWatch US 2023 – Losers
Where there are SEO winners, there must also be losers, and in 2023, it felt like there were a lot of them. Between various Core Updates, Reviews Updates, Spam Updates and the notorious September Helpful Content Update, 2023 produced a significant batch of sites that lost upwards of 50% of […]
Lily Ray
Why user behaviour could have replaced links as a top ranking factor
Google has recently revised its SEO guide for beginners, which has caused a stir in the SEO industry, particularly because of the significantly reduced mention of link building. This raises the question: Is Google trying to mislead newcomers? I offer an alternative view: Google revolutionised search by using links as […]
Johannes Beus
IndexWatch Sweden: The Winning Domains of 2023
2023 was an eventful year for the SEO industry and the Swedish market. In this report you’ll find the SISTRIX annual winners list and analysis of some of the most interesting sectors trending upwards.
Hervé Le Turdu
Googles New Love for User Generated Content
Content created by end users has not been particularly popular with Google in the recent past. Forums were systematically losing visibility, question/answer portals were often losers in all sorts of Google updates and comment areas within articles are (according to Google) only allowed with nofollow links anyway. Seen heavily in […]
Johannes Beus
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