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Google Core Update March 2023
Around half a year after the last major core update, Google is currently rolling out a new core update. In the SISTRIX blog here we have the first numbers, analyses and explanations.
Johannes Beus
The Top Domains and Content for Garden Tools
This month, SectorWatch is getting horticultural as we take a look at the search market for garden tools. We’ll show you the growing domains and some examples of content that is sprouting results. Which sites are ready for the spring, and what can we learn from them?
Charlie Williams
Google Product Reviews Update Feb 2023 – Examples of losing domains.
With the series of Product Reviews Updates, Google has been trying to improve the quality of product ratings and recommendations in the search results. So far, these updates were only relevant for English-language content – but with the latest update, effects could be seen in many countries. Here’s the latest data […]
Steve Paine
Microsoft is multiplying prices for Bing data (and damaging the internet ecosystem)
Microsoft has announced that it will significantly increase the prices for using the Bing search engine interface. Depending on the intensity of use, the costs will increase by up to 1,000 percent, automatically, from May 2023. This surprising step could massively restrict competition in the search engine market. Apart from Google and Microsoft, […]
Johannes Beus
Google Bard Risk Assessment: What does the AI innovation mean for my website?
After this week’s AI presentations from Microsoft and Google , it’s clear – Search will see more changes in the near future than in the previous ten years. Although it is still unclear what the future will look like, we’ve already had the first glimpses.
Johannes Beus
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