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Google Suing Agencies Posing as Google
SEO agencies and service providers who use Google’s identity to try and sell their services more easily have always been a problem for Google. Google is now, however, taking legal action against it. In the US, Google this week filed lawsuits against a number of supposedly related companies that, according to the complaint , are […]
Johannes Beus
Googlebot Crawler using Local-Country IP Addresses
The official Googlebot has previously only used IP addresses assigned to the USA. Now things seem to be changing and Google is working on the ability to crawl with local country IP addresses that are not from the USA. Gary Illyes, Google’s webmaster liaison, said at the Google Search Central Live […]
Johannes Beus
Voice Search: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant facing cuts
After years of strong growth, tech giants Google and Amazon are now giving focus to cost reductions. According to media reports, the departments for voice assistants in both companies are facing layoffs and budget cuts. At Amazon, Alexa is said to be responsible for around 10 billion annual losses . All attempts to […]
Johannes Beus
SISTRIX Onpage Crawler Isolates Rendering Sessions Perfectly
Web crawlers such as the Googlebot, but also our SISTRIX onpage crawler, have developed significantly in recent years. Whereas in the past only HTML was evaluated, now it is full browsers that run Javascript and other resources. It is important here that individual data present in a rendering process cannot […]
Johannes Beus
Content Marketing Case Study – William Russell Insurance
Blogs don’t work. Really? Here’s an interesting example of a ‘blog’ that is working, thanks to a plan and some structure. William Russell used data-driven SEO insights from SISTRIX to build a content strategy for long-term, sustainable traffic and higher Google rankings. In this post we take a look at […]
Steve Paine
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