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Visibility in the AI Future: Which Brands are Recommended By OpenAI?
The search engine of the future will be different from the “10 blue links” We have been accustomed to from Google until now. Nevertheless, internet search will continue to make recommendations. Today we present a view of the brands that OpenAI recommends.
Johannes Beus
Visibility Leaders in Travel: The Leading Content Hubs Analysed and Listed
The second Visibility Leaders study has been published and this time we look at the travel sector – one that’s huge in scale and is dominated by big brands. Five detailed reports from five data journalists and SEO experts include detailed analyses of the winners, key findings, a searchable list […]
Steve Paine
Google Manipulation: Today’s update is slightly different!
To simulate a semblance of transparency for regulators worldwide, Google has been publishing a list of relevant ranking systems (often called ranking factors in SEO circles) for some time. A recent update removed Page Experience from the list of current systems and Mobile Friendly, Page Speed, and HTTPS/SSL from the retired factors […]
Johannes Beus
Project Magi: Google rethinks search
A recent article in the New York Times sheds light on the extent to which the success of OpenAI (and thus also Microsoft/Bing) is putting the market leader Google under pressure. The NYT reports that Samsung is considering replacing Google with Bing as its default search engine. This is prompting hectic activity in […]
Johannes Beus
IndexWatch Q1 2023: Winners & Losers in Google UK Search
Google blessed us with 2 updates in the last three months that have caused big movements in SERPs. They add an interesting dynamic to the usual shifting of SERPs and we analyse another three months of movements. We’ve selected and analysed 12 domains that have seen both positive and negative […]
Luce Rawlings
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