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Core Web Vitals is a Measurable Ranking Factor
Google’s Page Experience Update, that started its rollout in June, is now complete. After two and a half months the effects are now visible in the search results. In this blog post we analyse the data and show you what happened in the Google SERPs.
Johannes Beus
Chrome Continuous Search shows competitors above your website
Up until now, the separation has been clear – if a visitor clicks on a SERP result, they end up on a web page and only leave it when the back-button is clicked. That may change with a new feature in the Chrome browser. Under the name “Continuous Search”, Google […]
Johannes Beus
Google changes the way in which they select displayed titles
The displayed title of search hits has a decisive influence on which result is clicked on in the search results. This week, Google adjusted the method for selecting the title.
Johannes Beus
Who wrote that content? Google recommends declaring authors in markup
In the official developer documentation on search topics, Google has, for a few days now, been explicitly stating that article authors can be identified in structured data using the author.url property. In the past, Google has tried many approaches to making content authors machine-readable but both the Google+ channel and […]
Johannes Beus
Free Amazon Keyword Tool Updated
In addition to Google data, we have been collecting Amazon data for a number of years now. The reason is obvious: anyone who buys online today is more than 50 percent likely to do so on Amazon. We have now overhauled our free tool for keyword research on Amazon. It […]
Johannes Beus
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