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IndexWatch 2020: The Year’s SEO losers in UK search
An analysis of the years SEO losers in UK search. 500 domains listed. Includes analysis of significant SEO losers in 2020.
Steve Paine
IndexWatch 2020 – SEO Winners in Google US
2020 proved to be an interesting and unusual year. Aside from the standard visibility changes we’ve come to expect from Google due to its ongoing algorithm updates and an always-improving understanding of user intent, the coronavirus pandemic also created drastic shifts in user behavior and market forces.
Lily Ray
IndexWatch 2020: The Year’s SEO Winners in UK Search
The year was full of changes and surprises, and this can also be seen in the Google search results. In this post we show you the domains that have gained the most visibility on Google in the last year.
Steve Paine
Core Update December 2020 – Google’s Christmas present?
Nobody expected another Core Update this year, but shortly before the end of the year, Google has conjured up it’s third Core Update of the year. Will it be an early Christmas present? We have analysed data during the week and you’ll find it below in this article.
Johannes Beus
SISTRIX Christmas Fundraiser 2020 – You Click, We’ll Donate
2020 was a year full of unplanned change for everyone, which is why it’s all the more important to stick to habits. Our Christmas wheel is spinning again this year and we are donating 10,000 euros.
Steve Paine
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