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Trending Search Topics for Summer Holidays 2022 (UK data)
Our TrendWatch research has been running for 6 months now and we’ve covered everything from toys to drugs, and from music to fashion across the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. As we reach the summer season, I’ve taken a look at some additional travel-related trends that appeared […]
Steve Paine
Ancillary Copyright Law: How Much Journalistic Content is Found In Google Search?
The back-story to the ancillary copyright law in the EU, aimed at protecting publishers from content re-use, is long and complex. Some of its roots were set in Germany over 20 years ago and today, despite an agreed EU law, it’s still being argued. We have been following this since […]
Johannes Beus
SectorWatch – The Most Visible Domains for Fashion Dresses
This month SectorWatch is dressing to impress as we jump into the world of fashion retail & find out who is winning the market for searches on dresses. We’re looking for the leading competitors & the best-performing content – who does Google think is on-trend?
Charlie Williams
11 years of Top-20 UK Domains, in 60 Seconds
As of this week, you can now use the movers and shakers feature for the complete timeline of the top domains, by Visibility Index, all the way back to 2011 for the UK.
Steve Paine
Google Core Update May 2022
After a long wait, Google has just started the roll-out of the first Core Update of the year. In this article we’ll show you affected domains, take a closer look at sectors and examples, and show you how to analyse losses.
Steve Paine
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