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Google Spam Update June 2021
The summer of Google Updates is living up to its name. In addition to the Core Update this month and the start of the Page Experience update, Google unexpectedly announced a spam update yesterday.
Steve Paine
Brave launches privacy and security focused search engine
With Brave Search, Brave is now offering a new, proprietary search engine as a beta. The combination of browser and search engine could provide a helpful counterweight to Chrome / Google and Edge / Bing. The highlight: almost all results come from their own index. While other Google competitors such […]
Steve Paine
The Limits of SEO: What Search Engine Optimisation Isn’t
Search engine optimisation is a multidisciplinary function: the work of many different departments has an impact on a company’s SEO success. In this post we look to define the core of SEO.
Johannes Beus
Google vs. Amazon: FLoC banned on all Amazon websites
Third party cookies and thus large parts of user-based Internet advertising are about to be dampened. Some time ago, Google presented an alternative: FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) which is intended to bring together groups of similar people and thus make them targets for ads. With this approach, Google hopes […]
Johannes Beus
Google is rolling out the Page Experience Update
Long since announced, then postponed, now the time has finally come: Google has started rolling out the Page Experience update (which also includes Core Web Vitals). However, very little will change in the short term and the long-term effects are going to be manageable.
Steve Paine
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