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New approaches to competitive analysis: How researchers at University in Frankfurt use SISTRIX data
Researchers at Goethe University in Frankfurt are developing new data-driven approaches to competitive analysis using data from SISTRIX. Find out the most important details in a nutshell here.
Maximilian Matthe
Head-down organic link building
There are many ways to build links but this example shows one of the most natural ways to achieve it, through new, original and relevant content that people want to know about. It’s newsy, so it comes with natural traffic decay, but the links gained from it will remain for […]
Steve Paine
Core Update Light – Google update without official confirmation
In recent years, Google has reliably announced the rollout of new Core Updates. We are currently seeing movements in the SERPs that look like a Core Update “Light” that has not been announced or confirmed by Google. More details below.
Johannes Beus
The proportion of mobile searches is more than you think – What you need to know
We have analysed billions of searches to better understand the evolution of search from desktop to mobile devices. The result: Mobile search is already much more important than you previously thought. Let’s go directly to the evaluations:
Johannes Beus
Google: Quality, not quantity is what matters for links
While Google is conspicuously communicative about corporate ranking factors such as page experience, we hear far less about relevant ranking factors. However, we now have some helpful clarification on links.
Johannes Beus
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