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SectorWatch – Sustainable Travel
As we head towards summer, thoughts turn to holidays so this month, SectorWatch takes a deep dive into the sustainable travel interesting to find the real competitors and high-performing content in Google’s organic search results.
Charlie Williams
Amazon reports successes against fake reviews
Fake product reviews are a big problem for Amazon. Customers trust the platform and the reviews, and are disappointed by products and end up turning their backs on Amazon. Amazon has therefore been active in the fight against fake product reviews for some time and has now been able to […]
Johannes Beus
Google is now writing its own Knowledge Panels
Until now, content in the Knowledge Panels has always come from third parties, often as excerpts from Wikipedia, sometimes from other domains, but always with a link to these sources. For some search terms such as “london”, Google has now started to write its own texts. Only “Google” is named […]
Johannes Beus
IndexWatch Q1 2022: UK Winners & Losers
From an algorithmic perspective, the first three months of 2022 were quiet for SEO, giving us a rare chance to look at winning and losing domains without a Core Update rocking the boat. There have been big movements among the domains, both in gains and losses, that are worth looking […]
Luce Rawlings
SectorWatch: The Leading Domains for Easter Chocolate
The Easter bunny is waiting around the corner, as are the search results, ready for the traffic that this sector gets for a handful of weeks every year. In this SectorWatch we take a look at the leading domains and content for the sector, for two user intents. What happens […]
Steve Paine
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