For Spaghetti’s sake, don’t forget your redirects

12. May 2016, 12:28

The most common mistake during a website redesign is that 301 redirects are not set, which causes Google to miss that the addresses for the pages have changed, as in the case of

Visibility Index history for

The Visibility history for before and after their website redesign

Please imagine the following: “Al Capone’s Spaghetti” is the UK’s most well known brand of Spaghetti. After 5 successful years, the manufacturer makes the marketing decision to start selling their Spaghetti under a new name. They now call their Spaghetti “Viva la Mama”, as they know very well that “Viva la Mama“ has a much more positive and stronger connotation for consumers, which should help them keep increasing their sales. Now they only have one problem as, somewhere along the way, they forgot to inform both their vendors and consumers about this change. Read Full Article

How Nordstrom bested Zappos on Google US

7. May 2016, 00:12
Google Visibility of both and

Google Visibility of both and

Five years ago, in April 2011, Zappos’ market share in Google was more that 3 times as large as Nordstrom‘s – in numbers: 43 visibility points for Zappos vs 13 points for Nordstrom. Today, Nordstrom has twice the market share on Google as Zappos.

During the time from April 2011 to December 2012, managed to increase their market share by 51% (going from a visibility score of 42.9 to 63.42 points), while Nordstrom increased their Visibility 13 points to 54.9. A huge jump in market share by 302%. At this point, they became a direct competitor to Zappos, with both domains having 50% of their keywords in Google in common.

In September 2013, unstoppably took off, leaving in the dust. Since then, has continuously increased its market share, climbing by 65% from September 2013 until today, with a visibility score of 90.78 points. During the same time, continuously lost market share and ended up at a -37.32% loss, dropping from 63.42 to 39.75 points.

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What is the SISTRIX Visibility Index?

4. May 2016, 11:15

Today we want to present you with the first video in a series of videos we have prepared for you. In just three minutes, this video will give you a detailed explanation on the significance of the Visibility Index and show you how you can use it in such a way that you can jump right into a domain evaluation.

We are sure you will like it.

We will continue to add new videos over time and if you would like to learn more about our SISTRIX Toolbox, we invite you to check out our webinars.

Have fun!

SISTRIX + SEOlytics = 💑

3. May 2016, 10:00

This year is only four month old and we already saw many exciting developments here at SISTRIX (our Amazon-Tool, the integration of the Majestic-data, additional countries). Today, I am able to announce another step into the future: SISTRIX has acquired SEOlytics.

Over the last few years, the SEOlytics-team around Sören and Sven has contributed to well founded and data-driven seo-analyses becoming a craft for many SEOs. While their continually high quality requirements may have sometimes been the cause for some heated debates, these requirements were essentialy right and have brought the entire industry forwards. This is why I am so pleased that we are now combining our strengths.

The features of the two best German SEO-tools will be united: SEOlytics customers will get access to the Toolbox. Their historic data will be completely imported. At the same time, we are mutually discussing which SEOlytics features will be integrated into the Toolbox. We will let SEOlytics-customers know both in the Toolbox and per e-mail how the transfer is going to take place

Official Press Release as PDF

Introducing our extended keywords database for UK with 12 million keywords

29. April 2016, 14:11

Until now you were already able to use our common database with 1.000.000 keywords for UK, which we monitor once a week. The common database will help you answer questions of the category “how was this domain’s development on Google?”. Here, you will need a quick overview of the domain and the history changes within Google. This is exactly what the “Common Data” is all about.

When you have to answer questions like “What is my competitor doing better than me?”, on the other hand, you will often compare the current status-quo of two or more domains to figure out their optimization potentials, often based on keyword data.

For this second category of questions, more keywords are just more helpful and this is the reason why we have now added out extended UK keyword database. This database is made up of more than 12.000.000 keywords, which we will monitor about once a month. In case you are want to zoom into even small domains to see which keywords they manage to rank for, then the new “Extended Data” is just the thing you need.

For the extended database there is no history but you will always see the most current rankings we have for the keyword. This database is automatically activated when you click on the “Keywords” menu item in the SEO-, Ads- or Universal-Search module.

SEO > Keywords with activated "Extended Database"

It is important to note that these keywords will have no influence on the SISTIRX Visibility-Index score. The Visibility-Index is calculated using the keywords in the weekly “Common Data”.

With our new extended keyword database for UK you will now get more keywords at no additional costs.

Have a great weekend!

SISTRIX now augments their link-database with Majestic-data

25. April 2016, 11:27

Majestic LogoWe have great news concerning our Link-module. SISTRIX and Majestic, one of the most reputable sources of link-data, have partnered up. Starting today, we will augment our own link-database with the link-data from Majestic, at no additional cost.

If you have activated the LinkPlus feature for a domain within the SISTRIX Toolbox, we will combine the data from both the SISTRIX- and Majestic-crawlers and display it in our familiar interface. This way, users will now have access to more than 300 billion links through the SISTRIX-data as well as another 150 billion crawled URLs from Majestic. This will enable a greatly improved coverage of a site’s link-profile, especially for smaller domains.

This new feature is available to all Link-module subscribers at no additional cost.

The additional Majestic data will go live today for all domains where LinkPlus has been activated. The combined data will then become the regular basis for link evaluations. Additionally, we will also use this augmented database for SISTRIX LinkRating.

With this partnership we will enable our users to greatly increase the quality of their link-evaluations. The internet is changing at break-neck speeds and no link database will have each and every new link. Even Google needs month at a time to finish crawling the net for new links. By combining the SISTRIX and Majestic data, will therefore give our users a great advantage.


For the domain we were able to find 46% more linking domains (Domain-Pop) by combining SISTRIX and Majestic data

Markus Hövener came to the following conclusion about our link database in his Suchradar test (PDF in German), back in 2011:

The test easily shows that no one link-database is able to offer full coverage of external links. Therefore, if you want to evaluate link-data, you will need to use multiple sources – or make the deliberate choice to live with said limitation.

We listened to Markus and are very proud to announce that the SISTRIX Toolbox now combines the two best link-databases, which managed to show the largest amount of exclusive links in the Suchradar-test.

Another one who is very happy about the partnership is Dixon Jones, Marketing Director at Majestic and Receptional Founding Director, who sees the enormous advantages in our cooperation.

Working with Sistrix is a really exciting development for Majestic. We have always known that Sistrix has the power to make a real difference to opinions in Germany. We know we have great link data – the best in the world – and together Sistrix and Majestic can be a world beating product

Only fools will ignore link building

13. April 2016, 14:51

Recently, a blogpost in another German blog with a large readership and wide converage reasoned that, in our day and age, link building is not important anymore.

When it comes to blog posts like these, we are motivated the most by the fact that, on the internet, if no one steps up to object to statements like these, there is a negative tendency for such statements to become a perceived fact over time.
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SEO in the Premier League

7. April 2016, 20:23

Football, it is simply impossible to not talk about the most popular sport in the world, when you are in its homeland. Today, we will take a closer look at the domains for the Premier League clubs.

google-uk premierleague These domains have a natural affinity for being great sources for evaluations, because supply is a controlled variable and demand is very easy to understand. It is highly unlikely that the “Gooners” will start publishing news on “the Spurs” on their website (supply). It is also not very likely that a “the Reds” fan will change his club affiliation and go over to the “Red Devils” (demand).

These near given facts allow us to take a look at and analyse some important SEO concepts as well as put them into perspective: Where are the limitations of external links? Do you really need a huge number of links or keywords to be visible? Do you really need legions of indexed pages to be successful? And, what about Social Signals (in case someone still believes that they might have any power over Google’s rankings)?
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Were things really better in the good old days?

15. March 2016, 17:07

We have been monitoring the search results on from 26.07.2010 on and wanted to see if there is any truth to the saying, when it comes to Google’s results.
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SEO at Microsoft, light and shadows

9. March 2016, 15:34

Microsoft is a huge company. Looking at their web properties it even seems somewhat like a public administration. They decide to develop a new product (etc.) on its own domain and, sooner or later, the decision is made to completely or partially incorporate the service into

It is quite easy to lose count here, so it was not very surprising to find 4 of Microsoft’s domains in the Top 100 losers list for the US:,, and

We want to take a closer look at three of these domains. We keep Bing aside as they only rank for their /maps/, /translator/ and /toolbox/ (Bing Webmaster Tools) directories.

Visibility of on Google

Visibility of on Google

The best performing parts of the domain, such as, /it-IT/apps/ and /de-DE/apps/ are now redirected to the app-store on Microsoft, – which explains why the domain has lost so much Visibility.
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