SISTRIX Christmas Campaign 2019: you do the clicking, we do the planting
It is already the seventh time that we’ve used our SISTRIX Christmas campaign to thank all of our users, friends and...
Johannes Beus
1. December 2019
If You Haven’t Optimized Your Website for Voice Search Yet, You’re OK
Voice Search isn’t changing SEO. All the ‘optimise for voice’ recommendations are questionable and in many...
Juan Gonzalez
26. November 2019
SISTRIX Toolbox Training – 5 UK Cities in November
A SISTRIX Toolbox training workshop is the quickest way to learn about the unique digital market data we have, and how you...
Steve Paine
29. October 2019
After Schema.org Change: Search Results with Ratings Drop by 13%
Using suitable schema.org data on your website is often the quickest way to get more attention through rich-snippets in the...
Johannes Beus
18. October 2019
Visibility Index on Instagram: From Hashtags to Instagram Ranking Factors
Every large platform has its own rules and characteristics. From an SEO perspective, Instagram is an exceptional case: the...
Johannes Beus
15. October 2019
Turbulence in the Travel Sector – UK Search Assessment
If you’re working in the UK travel sector, you’ll know about the Thomas Cook story. But what you might not know is...
Steve Paine
10. October 2019
Google Core Update September 2019 – First Results Visible
Google calls it a “broad core algorithm update” and a few times a year it rolls through the search results leaving...
Steve Paine
27. September 2019
Thomas Cook Domain Analysis
When huge, established brands fail, there’s a lot of fallout. At SISTRIX we focus on search visibility, and that’s...
Steve Paine
26. September 2019
Google welcomes Rugby World Cup with a QDF, again.
Over the last month, www.rugbyworldcup.com has gained rankings for over 200 core keywords, with “world cup”,...
Steve Paine
18. September 2019
A Big Deal out of Nothing? What Google’s Data tells us about Voucher Code Sites
Google has announced that its systems are being improved such that they are able to understand when white-label content is...
Steve Paine
11. September 2019
Google introduces new link attributes: Sponsored and UGC
About 14 years after the introduction of the nofollow attribute, Google is introducing two new link attributes: Sponsored...
Johannes Beus
11. September 2019
UK Top 100 Domains – The most visible Websites on Google.co.uk
SISTRIX has been analysing the visibility of practically all domains with rankings on Google.co.uk, since 2010. This SISTRIX...
Juan Gonzalez
4. September 2019
ASOS: Positive News for Search Visibility
While the news around online fashion retail site ASOS is negative, the website growth is currently positive. Visibility in...
Steve Paine
28. August 2019
6 Content and Domain Migrations Happening in the UK Right Now
Executing a domain or content move can be difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary. Internationalisation, brand changes,...
Steve Paine
21. August 2019
The Fall of Examine.com – Is Google Allowed an Opinion?
Health-related domains were widely affected by the recent Core Updates. Now, with examine.com, it’s hit a domain which...
Johannes Beus
14. August 2019
Byrdie and Mydomaine return to form after DotDash acquisition
Mydomaine and Byrdie were acquired by DotDash in January 2019. During the last 7 months, the two .com domains have achieved...
Steve Paine
3. August 2019
Google on Core Updates: Your competitors are better than you
Every few months, Google goes live with a large Core Update and stirs up the SERPs. In a new blogpost, Googler Danny Sullivan...
Johannes Beus
2. August 2019
Three Strikes: UK Retailer WHSmith’s Digital Visibility Issues
The retail sector provides us with a daily newsreel of digital struggles. In the UK, traditional brands, many over 100 years...
Steve Paine
18. July 2019
From Dr. Mercola to Dr. Dolittle
Mercola.com is an alternative health website run by Joseph Mercola, a doctor that has turned away from medical science to...
Steve Paine
11. July 2019
Disciplined? How www.dailymail.co.uk got placed amongst peers
On the 5th of June 2019, dailymail.co.uk, the news media website run by Daily Mail Online, took a huge sideswipe from Google’s...
Steve Paine
27. June 2019
Copyright Law for Press Publishers in the EU: Journalistic content often irrelevant for Google
Upload filters were front and centre in the debate about the EU-directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market. This...
Johannes Beus
25. June 2019
Google Core Update: More Content and News sites affected
The latest Google Core was pre-announced by Google at the weekend and since the beginning of the week, the search engine...
Johannes Beus
5. June 2019
Google Jobs – The Second Largest Job Platform in the UK.
Almost exactly one year ago (16th July 2018), Google launched it’s job platform in the UK. It’s now a regular and stable...
Johannes Beus
29. May 2019
Migration, Migrations, Migraine – Site Move Fears are not Well-Founded
A Website migration is a systematic process. It only fails if someone makes a mistake in the chain of actions, if your client...
Juan Gonzalez
16. May 2019
How HomeToGo aligned with SEO to create visibility
Align every stakeholder through education, says Dominik Schwarz, chief inbound officer at HomeToGo. I recently spoke to Dominik...
Steve Paine
10. May 2019
Love your website: A case for more independence
The big Internet companies Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple are the rulers of the (western) Internet. We may be pawns in...
Johannes Beus
2. May 2019
Do we need a Public Web Index?
Barely a week that goes by where Google’s use of its market strength isn’t criticised. Dirk Lewandowski, Professor...
Johannes Beus
23. April 2019
Idealo sues Google for 500 million euros. EU Commissioner puts Division the Agenda.
There’s a stirring going on with Google, but this time it’s not from the SERPs; Idealo, the price comparison...
Johannes Beus
18. April 2019
International SEO: 4 Expert SEOs Give Advice
4 great SEOs: Charlie Williams, Chris Green, Izzi Smith and Barry Adams, joined me around the table at SISTRIX recently for...
Steve Paine
17. April 2019
Why Debenhams needs to protect their domain asset.
Many people in the UK will have heard that a big high-street department store, Debenhams, was taken over by lenders this...
Steve Paine
12. April 2019
March 2019 Core Update. How big is Big?
SEOs and Google always have a different perception of Google updates. Google’s focus is to improve the quality of the...
Steve Paine
27. March 2019
The first Core Algorithm Update of the year is rolling.
The last few months have been relatively quiet in the SERPs,  but now the time has arrived and Google is introducing...
Johannes Beus
15. March 2019
2009 vs 2019 SEO. How HomeToGo Overtook Airbnb
What is Google’s definition of SEO? “By making sure search engines can find and automatically understand your content,...
Juan Gonzalez
5. March 2019
User-Intent as the Key to Long-Term SEO Success.
Big Google updates, regular changes in the SERPs layout and lots of new SERPs features -The last 12 months brought us changes...
Johannes Beus
13. February 2019
Is User Experience a Ranking Factor?
The big Google updates of recent times have led to a rethink by many SEOs: It’s no no longer just about individual...
Johannes Beus
13. February 2019
irs.com, dmv.org suffer Huge Visibility Losses. Suspected Google Manual Penalty.
Two huge domains, one of which previously sold for $12.5m, have been hit this week with huge organic search visibility losses....
Steve Paine
12. February 2019
Una gaffe erotica. What’s up with the Italian SERPs?
From time to time, we see some extraordinary things in our data. Last week our Italian country manager Elisa took a closer...
Steve Paine
11. February 2019
Link Building 2019
SEO has become uncomfortably complex. New topics always seem to be having an influence on ones success in Google SEO be it...
Steve Paine
8. February 2019
UK Universities under .ac.uk get SEO boost.
Between the 14th Jan and the 21st Jan, 84% of .ac.uk domains, the official UK academia contribution to the Internet, gained...
Steve Paine
31. January 2019
SEO Stammtisch Event. Bonn, 21st Feb
The first SISTRIX SEO Stammtisch of 2019 will be held on Thursday 21st Feb. We invite you to join us for what will also be...
Steve Paine
31. January 2019
Indexwatch: The UK’s Top 100 SEO Losers of 2018
In a previous article we shared the top 100 winning domains of 2018. But which domains lost during 2018?
Steve Paine
24. January 2019
IndexWatch: The UK SEO Winners of 2018
The time for SEO tricks and shortcuts has come to an end. Our Top 100 search visibility winners list shows that it takes...
Steve Paine
11. January 2019
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