How HomeToGo aligned with SEO to create visibility

Align every stakeholder through education, says Dominik Schwarz, chief inbound officer at HomeToGo. I recently spoke to Dominik to find out more about how a company can be built with SEO at the core. The video interview is shown below.

As a short re-cap, HomeToGo is an SEO success story. Our research found a highly visible and stable domain which is now twice as visible as Airbnb in Germany, and it’s all built on a impressively small number of URLs.

HomeToGo and AirBnB – Status: May 2019

Was it just a simple SEO fix-up? Of course not. There’s a strategy behind this result and SEO was at the core of it, from day 1.

It’s way more than building on an SEO strategy. It’s building a company where SEO is part of the core strategy.

How does Dominik Schwarz, chief inbound officer for HomeToGo, do that? The company has managed to align every stakeholder, through education, to make sure that all departments understand the value of SEO. He explains how SEO has moved towards satisfying the customer experience which, he says, makes it easier because that’s what everyone in the company is aiming to do anyway.

The 11-minute video below is worth taking the time to watch, especially for new startups. For those working with international SEO, the explanation of what ‘native language’ is goes beyond what many would consider.


HomeToGo had an SEO strategy from Day 1 and spent time to educate people in the company on the importance of SEO optimisation. Having a customer-focused ethos within the company was in-line with modern SEO techniques and made this job easier.

HomeToGo tries to keep Google search in mind for the future. They are ‘operating on their turf’ and therefore, understanding what Google wants – the best results so that users come back – means trying to build the best content for the known user demand.

With their international content, HomeToGo has gone one step beyond native-language content into native experience content which includes the consideration of local customs and local knowledge.

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