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Freely combine the SISTRIX modules to fit your requirements

Features included in every module:

White-label reports ready for your logo.
As flexible as it can be: Add content to automated reports and personalise them with your layout and your logo.
API access
With our API you’ll be able to automate the export of data and integrate external tools at no extra charge. Also works with Google and Excel.
6 user accounts.
With every module you get 6 users accounts that you can use within your team to increase project productivity and to increase the use of SEO data and tools within the company.
Full history for every domain.
You won’t find any restrictions when it comes to accessing the complete history of a domain.
Unlimited domain analysis
Use the toolbox as often as you want, for as many domains as you want. We do not artificially restrict the amount of domains you can check per day.
Unrestricted functionality
We don’t do things by halves. Each module gives you access to all data within them with no restrictions to their functionality.

Save money! Discounts from your third module onward

Number of modules
Total Price100€200€275€350€400€
Big enterprises have specific demands: aside from our self-service-model we offer specific services to enterprise customers. If you would like to learn more, please contact us via

What we stand for

Satisfaction guaranteed: no long contract periods
We want to stand out because of our quality, and not long contract periods. Accounts can always be terminated at the end of the following calendar month. If you subscribe anytime after the first of a month, we will only bill you for that month’s remaining days.
Same conditions for all customers
Everyone gets the same, best price. It is our goal to make the best software affordable for any customer. This is why we treat everyone the same – the same service will cost you the same as it does every other customer.
We are partners, not competitors
When we launched the Toolbox, over ten years ago, we made the conscious decision to never compete with our customers. This is why SISTRIX does not offer professional services or (SEO)-consulting, does not sell links and will never become a competitor to your business. We want to be long-term partners, not rivals.
Free, non binding trial
You will never buy the proverbial pig-in-a-poke from us: try out the Toolbox without any obligations or restrictions for 14 days, with no need for a credit card. The test will automatically terminate, no cancellation necessary. We will also happily support you during the trial and answer all your questions.


Excellent support & free training
A piece of software is only useful if it is being used. This is why we are happy to show you everything that’s possible within the Toolbox and place tremendous importance on our support and training. Our outstanding support is available to all customers – no matter which and how many modules you booked – through a ticket system, email, by phone and live-chat. We also offer free, full-day workshops in which you can deepen your Toolbox know-how.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I manually restart the Optimizer crawler?
You will find the “Restart Crawler” button by going to the "Onpage" menu.
How do I create dashboards?
Dashboards help you get a comprehensive overview of your important domains. Instead of having to enter multiple domains in to the search box each week to get your data, you can simply add the information important to you to a dashboard. The next time you open the dashboard you will have all the current data and graphics waiting for you.

If you want to add a data-box to your dashboard, simply click on the "Add to dashboard" menu item behind the cogwheel in the top right hand corner of the box.

Next you can choose a title for the box and decide which dashboard the box should be added to, or whether you want to create a new dashboard. You can create up to 10 dashboards (e.g., your own website, clients, watchlists, etc.) for numerous purposes.

You can access your dashboards anytime via the link “dashboards” in the top left of the toolbox. Once you are in your dashboard, you can also edit the settings and content easily.
Why aren’t all links used from the uploaded file?
We use the uploaded link files from different sources to expand the data basis for our link crawler. In doing so, we only use the source URLs that were not featured in other data sources. In addition, we use a maximum of 100 URLs per host so as not to not put too great of a demand on the respective server and to not let sitewide links have too strong an influence on the evaluation.

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We extend our offer exclusively to entrepreneurs, freelancers and public authorities. All prices are net-prices and are subject to local taxes.

We meet all the German and European privacy regulations. The Toolbox runs exclusively on servers that are physically located in the European Union. Traditionally, we run nearly all of our services ourselves, whereby we can keep the sovereignty over our data. Personally identifiable information that arises through the use of SISTRIX will never be shared with third-parties.