Backlink Check

Search Engine Optimisation

Backlink Analysis – Link data for all domains, including Visibility Index

Discover the link sources pointing at your competitors and monitor your own backlinks. Recognize the most important backlinks by their Visibility Index. Including data from SISTRIX, Majestic and other partners.

The widest range of data, for the right decisions

Correct decisions are based on correct data. The link database is therefore based on a hybrid approach: in addition to our own link crawler, we also integrate the data from Majestic and other partners. For the most comprehensive link database.

  • SISTRIX Link Crawler – billions of websites every month
  • Includes link data from Majestic
  • Integrating link data from other partners

Not every link is the same – The Visibility Index shows you the important links

Finding the needle in the haystack of links – it’s possible with the Visibility Index. Pages that rank often and well on Google are trusted by the search engine. We’ll show them to you at the push of a button.

Discover link sources that your competitor uses, but you don’t

Link building is hard work. With SISTRIX you have a short-cut. You can clearly see the potential link sources that your competitors are already using, but you are not yet using.

Broken links are untapped potential – Make these links work for you today

Websites change: new content is added, old content is removed, relaunches mess up the structure. In SISTRIX you can check the most important link targets live and re-animate those broken links again.