Profiles – User account management in the SISTRIX Toolbox

The SISTRIX Toolbox can be changed to match the users requirements and every user gets their own Toolbox profile under which settings can be managed. Depending on the package booked, you can create up to 12 users accounts.
Below you’ll find all the information you need to manage those accounts.

The following applies to standard accounts but if your company requires a tailored solution, we can offer that through our Enterprise Account option. (See below.)

One Toolbox account for your company.

To manage the user profiles you’ll find an easy and uncomplicated account management feature in the Toolbox. Your Toolbox account and user profiles can only be used within the company that is named on the invoice. We want to have a fair and transparent relationship with our customers so we kindly ask that you don’t share accounts with other companies and partners.

Real-person profiles

Every account used in the Toolbox must be a real person. Enter the full name and family name of the user along with their personal email address. Please don’t use generic email accounts such as support, student, etc. and don’t use free email services because the toolbox is likely to be automatically locked to one account.

Creating New Profiles

Alongside every name you should use an active, personal email address. All profiles in an account must use an email addresses from the same domain name. For example * After you’ve added the profile we’ll send an authorisation link to the email address given. Please note that the profiles are not meant to be used by 3rd party contractors or customers.

Login and profile usage

Once the new profile is verified the user can log in an start using the tools. The login name is the email address. The password is the common password set by the main account user.

The ability to have separate passwords for sub-accounts is not possible in this version of the Toolbox. If you require separate passwords, take a look at our Enterprise offering. More details below.

Do you need something more? Our Enterprise offering.

The account capabilities shown here work well for most customers but, of course, we understand there are always going to be special cases where more flexibility and personalisation are required. For example, per-user passwords and role-management capability. Companies with sub-companies, multinationals and similar requirements can be covered with an individual offer under our Enterprise offering. If you want to find out more, send us an email and we’ll talk you through the possibilities.