Exports & Credits

For most use cases, the web interface of SISTRIX is the optimal workspace. Filters, tables and settings are adjusted to the best workflow. On this page, we explain how you can export and process the data obtained in this way.


A large part of the data within SISTRIX can be exported directly from the web interface.

To export table data, simply click on the button labelled “Download” in the top right-hand corner, confirm the data selection and start the download.

You can also export diagrams in various file formats. Click on the cogwheel at the top right of the desired diagram and select “Download Chart”. Here you will be able to choose between a PDF, CSV or PNG file export.

CSV: A universal export format

Data that you export from the SISTRIX web interface is provided as a UTF-8 formatted CSV file. We use the semicolon as the separator.

Since CSV files can be opened universally in all common spreadsheet programmes, you have the option of deciding for yourself which programme you want to use to evaluate the data.

Automation via the API

If you would like to automate the data export from SISTRIX or export the data in a machine-compatible way, you can use our API interface.

API usage is included to a limited extent from the “Plus” package onwards, and in full from the “Professional” package onwards.

We have summarised the possible queries for you in our API reference.

Export credits

Depending on the SISTRIX package you have booked, you have a different number of available credits. From the “Plus” package onwards, you can also book additional credit packages.

The number of credits is reset to the maximum value every Monday. These export credits are used for all exports from SISTRIX, as well as for the creation of shortlinks and for queries via our API interface.

You can see how many credits are still available to you for the current week in SISTRIX in the main menu under “Toolbox API“.

Booking additional credits

We aim to cover a reasonable need for credits through regular, weekly top-ups. However, should you require more credits for exports or API queries, you can book them directly in your SISTRIX account on a monthly basis.

For 10,000 additional credits per week, we charge 75 euros per month. The additional credits will be added on to your regular credits every Monday.

You can find these and other add-ons such as API credits in the package selection under “Additional credits”.