Invoices and Tax

During use of the toolbox, invoices are automatically generated for booked modules and extensions. These invoices are in PDF format and can be called up at any time in the toolbox under the menu item ” Invoices “. These invoices meet all formal and legal requirements of the German tax authorities.

Billing period

Toolbox invoices are automatically created on the first day of the billing period for booked packages and extensions.

Our products can be booked independently of each other and with various levels of features and capability. Upgrades are implemented immediately. Downgrades and cancellations at the end of the billing period.

Payment method

There are essentially two methods available for paying Toolbox invoices :

  • SEPA direct debit
  • Credit card

With both procedures, the outstanding amounts are automatically charged to the specified account or credit card. Invoices paid in this way are marked as paid in the invoice overview of the toolbox.

Credit card details are exclusively managed and held by our billing partner Stripe . We ourselves have no access to credit card information.

Payment on account for us means sigWe can therefore only offer payment on account under specific circumstances. Please contact our support in this case .


All invoices are issued in euros .

Invoicing in US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs and Japanese yen is possible as part of the Enterprise program .


At SISTRIX, all customers pay the same price for the same service. Our goal is to make the best possible software affordable for every customer. That is why we treat all customers equally – you pay the same price for the same service that every other customer pays. In addition, we cannot grant individual discounts.

Calculation of sales tax

As a company with a registered office in Germany, the following rules for calculating sales tax / value added tax apply to us:

  • Customers from  Germany are billed 19% (01.07. To 31.12.2020: 16%) sales tax. 
  • Customers from the European Union who provide a valid sales tax identification number when booking the toolbox will receive invoices without German sales tax using the reverse charge procedure. VAT identification numbers cannot be given retrospectively for invoices that have already been issued – this is only possible for future invoices.
  • Customers from the rest of the world receive invoices without German sales tax. In some cases we will need proof of the company’s headquarters.

Change of billing address

You can change the billing address yourself in the toolbox. On the Invoices page, click the “Change invoice data ” button in the “Invoice data ” box. Changes are accepted immediately and taken into account for all future invoices.

If you would like to make changes to the invoice recipient (i.e. the first line of the invoice address), please contact our support so that we can make the changes together.

Subsequent changes to invoices

Automatically generated invoices in the toolbox meet all formal and legal requirements for a correct invoice. If, after creating an invoice, you notice that you have not notified us of a change of address or recipient, there are ways to change it later. However, this change is associated with increased effort for both us and you.

As long as an invoice has not yet been paid, a subsequent change may be possible. Please contact our support for assistance with this. Invoices are created fully automatically at the beginning of the month or immediately after booking another module. The direct debit takes place within one calendar week, and the credit card is charged within 24 hours after the respective invoice has been issued.

If an invoice is to be changed that has already been paid, we must be able to explain the change to the tax office in a plausible and comprehensible manner during audits. In this case we need a letter from you by post on your company letterhead. This must explain that the invoices are to be changed and why the change is made. In addition, the original invoices must also be sent by post. We will then make the desired address changes by hand on the invoices and send them back to you. Any correspondence will be recorded and kept on file.