Enterprise accounts

The SISTRIX Toolbox offers a market-leading product at an unbeatable price. But we are aware that there are customers who need more flexibility and individuality. We cover these requirements with Enterprise accounts.

The price / performance ratio of the toolbox is in part based on the extensive standardization and automation of processes. As part of our enterprise offer, we offer the opportunity to deviate from these fixed processes and to find individual solutions for each customer.

This applies to the following topics, among others:

  • Insight into account use via an audit log
  • Personalised user passwords, user and rights management
  • Individualized training courses + advanced training
  • Group-wide use across multiple companies
  • Active participation in complex procurement processes
  • Review and signing of individual contracts
  • Individual billing

We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements and find a solution together. Please use the following form or email us at enterprise@sistrix.com.