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Made Visibile – Success in Amazon Search

Over a half of all product searches occur on Amazon. We measure which brands, resellers and products are successful in Amazon search. Trustworthy data from the creators of the Visibility Index.

From the creator of the Visibility Index – Amazon Success Made Transparent

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is your accurate yardstick for SEO success in Amazon searches. We have been measuring Amazon visibility since 2016 in order to bring transparency into the black box that is Amazon rankings.

On the basis of many millions of data points, we calculate how successfully a page ranks on Amazon, every single day. For all brands, resellers and products in the five major European marketplaces.

Ikea brand visibility on Amazon
Brand visibility comparison on Amazon

Differences show under comparison – Are you better than your competitor?

It’s patently obvious in the Amazon search results – your biggest competitor is only a mouse click away. With the Visibility Index, you can assess how successful your competitor is at the push of a button.

  • Compare up to 6 brands
  • Cross country and language borders
  • Historical data for all brands and resellers

Visibility in detail – Brands, Resellers and Products

When it gets to the finer points – Dive into the detailed composition of the brand and retailer Visibility Index. Understand which products are successful and analyse their strengths.

  • Daily updates to the Amazon Visibility Index
  • Instantly spot important ranking changes
  • Amazon visibility for brands, resellers and products
Product visibility history on Amazon search
Brand visibility comparison across countries in Amazon search

Spanning Countries – Comparisons across Europe

We calculate the Visibility Index for the five major European marketplaces from Amazon. You can compare the values of all countries and identify SEO success across borders.

Supported countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France

Not all products have the same success – Find product highlights

Of the many thousands of products from a brand or a retailer, there are often only a few that are exceptionally successful. Based on the Visibility Index, you can identify these products with just one click.

Top product visibility for a brand in Amazon search