Competitor Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

Reveal the secrets of competitors’ success

Learn about the competitors that are standing in your way in Google search and use that knowledge to overtake them. Examine your keyword strategy, identify successful content formats, analyse traffic sources.

Data for over 100 million domains – The 360 degree competitor analysis

We automatically record every domain that can be found on Google for any of the billions of search terms we monitor. In SISTRIX you have access to the best 360-degree competitor analysis for more than 100 million domains.

  • Data for over 100 million domains
  • Data history that goes back to 2008
  • A 360-degree competitor analysis at the click of a button
SEO performance overview page
Example of ranking keyword data

With the most extensive database – Discover the best Google rankings

With SISTRIX, your analyses and evaluations are based on the largest database for Europe. Only SISTRIX can provide so many keywords and such an extensive history. Includes desktop and mobile rankings at no extra charge.

  • The most extensive database in Europe
  • Latest ranking data
  • Desktop and Mobile

The Best Examples – Discover successful content formats

The Google rankings are distributed, but unfortunately not on your website? With SISTRIX you can successfully analyse content formats at the push of a button and use them as a blueprint for your success.

Best URLs at
Example of search intent for ranking keywords

User intention makes all the difference – Find out what your visitors want

In order to be permanently on top of Google, the search intention must be fulfilled. With industry-leading technology, we determine the search intention for almost every keyword – for your SEO success.

Discover the strongest links to your competitors at the push of a button

Links are one of the most important ranking factors on Google. With SISTRIX you can see the strongest links to your competitors at the push of a button – without searching and sorting.

Link lists for a domain
keyword list analysis

Be the leader of your niche – Analyse keyword sets and discover market leaders

You tell us the keywords, and we’ll tell you who is the market leader in this niche. With this information you can examine any industry in no time. Additional information on the SERP features and frequently asked user questions round off the evaluation.

As detailed as you need – for domains, hosts, directories and URLs

All analysis options and functions of SISTRIX are not only available for the entire domain. You can dive as far into the site as you need: for subdomains (hosts), directories or for individual URLs.

Never too much – Filter all the results as you need them

Of the 29.38 million keywords for which is currently ranking in Google Germany, How do you find those that are about long-haired dachshunds? No problem with the extensive and flexible filter and sorting functions in SISTRIX.

Direct to your desktop – Simple and complete exports

In SISTRIX you can export the results directly – as a universally processed CSV file on your desktop or automatically in your application via our API.