SISTRIX Keyword Discovery

Search Engine Optimisation

The keyword makes the difference – Search billions of search terms

Find thousands of new keyword ideas, analyse their search volume and competition levels. Discover champions in your keyword cluster and use them as a springboard for your own success.

Billions of new ideas – The keyword discovery database with search queries

With SISTRIX Keyword Discovery you can search billions of search queries in a fraction of a second. Enter one or more keywords to start and get more than enough new keyword ideas for your website!

More than just keywords – Search volume, click prices and competition

Not only keywords, but also additional, relevant information about these keywords – we show you the search volume, average Google Ads click prices and the intensity of competition for the keyword at a glance.

From Keyword to TopicAutomatic Keyword Clustering

So that you don’t get overwhelmed by the many results, Keyword Discovery’s automatic keyword clustering assigns all relevant keywords directly to the respective topics gibing you the perfect overview.

Continuously updated keyword management – Keyword lists

Integrated directly into SISTRIX – Keyword list management. In addition, you can analyse the current search results for the keywords with the push of a button and quickly identify niche champions.

Example of list competitors in the SISTRIX toolbox

What interesting keywords does my competitor use?

Sometimes, someone else has the best idea. With SISTRIX you can analyse the ranking keywords of every URL at a glance – simply enter the URL in the SISTRIX search and discover keywords.