The consequences of negative user-signals on Google’s rankings
The homepage of the German domain hotel-bonn.de offers a great example for how much influence user signals can have on Google’s...
Hanns Kronenberg
13. August 2014
Tools for the GEO-targeting of websites
Many websites have content in multiple languages or might show different content depending on the country you are in. Often,...
René Dhemant
24. February 2014
Shelf space optimisation on Google
What are the two things that a search result page on Google and a supermarket shelf have in common? They serve a specific...
Hanns Kronenberg
12. February 2014
Domain move risk and Google rankings
Theoretically, changing your domain name does not have to cause any damage to your rankings on Google – that is, if you...
Hanns Kronenberg
28. January 2014
Paid links, spam and fake-accounts were not invented by SEOs
Recently, I came across an interesting Wikipedia article. It turns out that professional predecessors of paid links, spam...
Hanns Kronenberg
13. January 2014
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