Crawling and Indexing for extensive websites
As soon as websites exceed the size of a typical private homepage, there are a number of new challenges that arise. One of...
Johannes Beus
21. August 2013
Why the Visibility Index does not want to be an SEO-traffic index
The SISTRIX Visibility Index is often mistaken for an SEO-traffic index. As a result, we see blogposts pop up on a regular...
Hanns Kronenberg
17. May 2013
SEO Basics: internal link optimisation
Links are one of the most important ranking factors in Google’ algorithms. While there is much talk about external...
Hanns Kronenberg
12. March 2013
IndexWatch 2012: Losers
Yesterday, we looked at the winners in last year’s Google-index, while today, I want to show you the losers for the...
Johannes Beus
2. January 2013
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