Google tackles the subdomain-problem
Google’s foremost spamhunter Matt Cutts announced at the PubCon that is taking place in Las Vegas at the moment that...
Johannes Beus
7. December 2007
AdSense competitor-filter
For some time now, Google AdSense gives the option of blocking ads of certain sites through a competitor-filter. This can...
Johannes Beus
7. November 2007
SEO-tools: backlink-assessment
For a while now, Google is offering authenticated websiteoperators the possibility of viewing quite recent, extensive and...
Johannes Beus
27. August 2007
Bestof: PageRank-display-services
What I think about those PageRank-display-services, which provide you with a small button that you can plaster your homepage...
Johannes Beus
15. August 2007
Google is exporting antiquated PageRank-values to the servers and the (Abakus)-SEO-world is happy. If you want to play along...
Johannes Beus
2. August 2007
When will Matt Cutts leave Google?
After Vanessa Fox, who played a substantial part in the construction of the Google-webmaster-center, announced her parting...
Johannes Beus
21. June 2007
Fake Google-mails in circulation once again
Just as in May, another wave of mails, which are supposed to be from the Google Search Quality Team, is making the rounds...
Johannes Beus
20. June 2007
Diversification as a road to success
This year will see the continuation of Faris‘ successful SEO training-program that was already offered last year. For...
Johannes Beus
20. May 2007
News from Sitemaps.org
Ask.com has announced that, after Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are already supporting the Sitemaps.org-standard, they will...
Johannes Beus
11. April 2007
New host for the Yahoo-bot
After it was already announced in the Yahoo-Blog, the new Host for the Yahoo-crawler can now also be seen in the logfiles....
Johannes Beus
3. April 2007
Little April Fools’ jokes
Google TiSP: install network cables through your municipal sewage lines. Matt Cutts: pseudohack. CuttsCon: conference just...
Johannes Beus
1. April 2007
Local search in Germany: Cityreview
In the recent past I took some time to look at the multitude of local search possibilities in Germany and none of them has...
Johannes Beus
29. March 2007
Spam 2.0
Today, over at Jojo‘s I was able to read that Webnews, this Digg-clone which might have been noticeably too late but...
Johannes Beus
21. February 2007
Local Search in Germany: Google aggregates its own data
Up until now, Google resorted to data from third parties to generate the database for the local search, now it seems that...
Johannes Beus
17. February 2007
GMail now open
As of now, everyone will be able to sign up for a customer account at GMail, which is also called Google Mail in Germany...
Johannes Beus
7. February 2007
Google is once again showing backlinks
The Google-medium Matt Cutts reports that from today on, Google is finally offering siteoperators the possibility to inspect...
Johannes Beus
6. February 2007
Security problems at Google and SEO-blogs.
Two security problems that have an impact on the searchenginemarket have become public in the last few days: Google did not...
Johannes Beus
16. January 2007
What does AOL want with TradeDoubler?
tecCHANNEL is reporting that AOL wants to take over the affiliate-marketing-operator TradeDoubler. AOL has supposedly offered...
Johannes Beus
15. January 2007
Apple iPhone: Google and Yahoo are on board, too
Both the searchengineproviders Yahoo and Google will play a role in Apples new iPhone. While Google is offering the map and...
Johannes Beus
9. January 2007
Overview: Searchengines
To give an overview of relevant national and international searchengines, I have put together a list with the respective...
Johannes Beus
8. January 2007
Overview: German SEO-blogs
Fresh from my feedreader and the bookmarkmanager: an overview of SEO-blogs in German that I am currently reading. Maybe someone...
Johannes Beus
8. January 2007
Far Eastern comprehension of Laws
Here we have a blogger who quotes Spiegel Online about a Chinese Bus-manufacturer who is supposed to be brazenly copying...
Johannes Beus
5. January 2007
AdSense is testing negative Keywordfilter
Caydels SEO Blog is reporting that Google is recently testing a negative keywordfilter for AdSense after they already have...
Johannes Beus
5. January 2007
SISTRIX Livestream
Merry Christmas