SEO-tools: backlink-assessment

For a while now, Google is offering authenticated websiteoperators the possibility of viewing quite recent, extensive and accurate informations about all found backlinks of the website which can also be downloaded as CSV-files. Our tool takes this CSV-download and tries to collect some more informations about the backlinks. The links are broken down by hostnames, IP-addresses and also class-c-networks (/24s) seeing that it would be possible to get a completely contorted picture about the backlinkstructure through pages and pages of footerlinks. Another useful feature is the allocation of backlinks to countries. The origin of a link already has the influence to, for example, decide which languageindex (English, German, etc) the site is placed in and it will presumably get even more bearing in the future. To use this tool all you need is a free account, which also includes the advantage (linkmartens pay attention) that links in the comments of this blog will be set without nofollow.

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