When will Matt Cutts leave Google?

After Vanessa Fox, who played a substantial part in the construction of the Google-webmaster-center, announced her parting with Google last week, both Bret Taylor and Jim Norris are leaving, too. Taylor and Norris, both quasi fathers of Google Maps and holders of the Google Founders’ Award will spend their time at Benchmark Capital, a venture-capital firm. This begs the question of when Cutts will jump on the bandwagon and announce his resignation from Google. Rumors about this have been around for a while but he is still lighting up the SEO- and Webmaster world for Google. Bets for a specific date can be left in the comments, I am sure we will find some kind of prize for whomever comes the closest whoever wins will receive the USB-rocketlauncher that is already well known thanks to Pubcon.

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