Local search in Germany: Cityreview

In the recent past I took some time to look at the multitude of local search possibilities in Germany and none of them has really inspired me. The thing that bothered me was that the available solutions are not really based on websearches but are enhanced yellow-pages with search- and mapfunctions. Anything that is not found in one of the numerous databases on which these projects are based, has no chance of ever being included in the index.

My own attempt at going a different way is not online. The local search of Cityreview is based on an index that was accumulated by a webcrawler which makes it possible to search in the vicinity of a location. The search is a great help when items are searched for that are not found in yellow-pages, an example for this would be blogs. While the regional search for blogs in Bonn will return nothing from suchen.de and only company-homepages from Google, the Cityreview-search will already retrieve a few relevant hits.

Even though the development is in the early stages, the size of the index is still manageable and often relevance is a problem, I would be delighted to already receive feedback. Try out the searchengine and leave a comment of what you liked and what you did not like.

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