Merry Christmas
Even though barely on time, thanks to the time difference, I would like to use this opportunity to wish everyone a merry...
Johannes Beus
24. December 2008
PageRank-Update 11/2008
It was just yesterday, that I wrote it was about time and Google has promptly delivered the PageRank-Update. At the moment,...
Johannes Beus
29. November 2008
Lycos is closing its doors
With Lycos, we have a former Internet-heavyweight that is stepping down for good. While being the biggest European Internet-portal...
Johannes Beus
26. November 2008
Jerry Yang leaves Yahoo
Yang is drawing the consequences from his failed gamble in the takeover poker between Microsoft and Yahoo and is stepping...
Johannes Beus
18. November 2008
SISTRIX toolbox
These have been the promised module presentations. In the comments I have already suggested that the access to those modules...
Johannes Beus
21. October 2008
Distribution of Google Analytics/ AdSense
A posting on Seo-Scene.de led me to an article by Mario Fischer about Google Analytics and privacy. In essence its about...
Johannes Beus
2. August 2008
Google knows more than pages
It has been a while since Google and Yahoo had their regular dickcomparisons over index size. At a certain point, it seems,...
Johannes Beus
25. July 2008
Revisited: Google assesses only the first linktext
A few weeks ago I wrote about how Google only assesses the first linktext if there are more than one link to a second site...
Johannes Beus
7. July 2008
The Googlebot gets a breather
While the Googlebot has taken new sites into the index rather quickly over the last few month, it has diminished its ambition...
Johannes Beus
5. July 2008
Microsoft buys Powerset
After the takeover rumor gained momentum over the last few days it is now official: Microsoft is purchasing the searchengine-startup...
Johannes Beus
1. July 2008
IndexWatch 06/2008
The month is over already, time to take a look at last month’s Googleindex winners and losers: Winners # Domain Change...
Johannes Beus
1. July 2008
Interview with Idealo’s Martin Sinner
I was able to ask Martin Sinner from the price-comparison site Idealo a few questions centering arround SEO and the price-comparison...
Johannes Beus
2. June 2008
IndexWatch 04/2008
A few month ago I blogged a chart containing the domains that our data showed were the most visible in the German Googleindex....
Johannes Beus
2. May 2008
A contribution in the Google-Webmaster-Groups has occasioned me to again ponder how dangerous an extremely one sided focus...
Johannes Beus
30. April 2008
Google PageRank update 04/2008
It seems as though Google is updating the PageRank-display of the Google-Toolbar. On data-center I can see a...
Johannes Beus
29. April 2008
SEO-regulars-table Bonn
Since the first regulars’ table in Bonn has proven to be quite popular and some attendees, including myself, are interested...
Johannes Beus
26. March 2008
Google PageRank Update 02/2008
I am currently seeing new PageRank-values on the servers from the net of 72.14.255.*. Surprisingly quick after the last update...
Johannes Beus
26. February 2008
Abakus PubCon & SEMSEO 2008
Alan is opening the doors to the yearly SEO-classreunion, the by-now-legendary PubCon in Hannover on April 24th. Just like...
Johannes Beus
17. February 2008
popular SEO-fallacies
These small know-it-all-booklets with party-lore about the most popular fallacies are time and time again found on magazins...
Johannes Beus
23. January 2008
Google PageRank Update 01/2008
While Google made us wait ages for the last update, it seems that yesterday night, after only 78 days, new and updated values...
Johannes Beus
12. January 2008
SISTRIX Livestream
Merry Christmas