Abakus PubCon & SEMSEO 2008

Alan is opening the doors to the yearly SEO-classreunion, the by-now-legendary PubCon in Hannover on April 24th. Just like last year there will be an additional conference during the day with the name of SEMSEO which will be about both of those topics. With the help of Thomas Promny of Gimahhot, I will try to bring some light onto the problems and possible approaches to a solution for comprehensive, dynamic sites. Thomas will come up with something about tags and their use in internal linking and I will try to come up with some meaningful insight into the question of what content a searchengine should be shown and which methods there are to control this. As far as I know there are no free spots anymore for the actual PubCon but Alan will happily take registrations for the SEMSEO, which will surely also comprise access to the PubCon, when the registration-page goes online next week.

Update February 19th: The agenda as well as registration-page for the SEMSEO are now online.

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