IndexWatch 04/2008

A few month ago I blogged a chart containing the domains that our data showed were the most visible in the German Googleindex. In the comments to that entry and in e-mails that I received afterwards I was asked to repeat this in regular intervals. Feeding on the fact that absolute values are not that interesting, in the future at the end of each month I will list the fifteen domains that I think did very well or really bad within the Googleindex. As the point of reference I will take the last week of the preceding month and calculate the percentaged difference in visibility between the two month. These values are based on the first 100 hits of a six-figure number of a colorful array of assorted and comprehensive German keywords.



The Austrian branch of Wer-liefert-was, is definitely one of this month winners. was able to profit from the fact that migrated to this new domain. Conrad put up a rather beautiful and successful new optimization and seems to be slowly recovering from their relaunch.



With and Technorati we have two sites as definite losers who profited strongly from their indexing of their search-results and tag-pages respectively. The inclusion of TexTag, and also shows that an above-average amount of price-comparison sites were affected. gave a majority of its rankings back to and thus loses.

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