The Googlebot gets a breather

While the Googlebot has taken new sites into the index rather quickly over the last few month, it has diminished its ambition over the past week. This is especially apparent in newssites and blogs. While new postings and news could be found within hours or even minutes a short while ago, now Google only adds very large and strong newssites and blogs within this timeframe. Everyone else must be patient for the regular Googlebot to come by and index the new sites. Our IndexWatch tool, which measures and displays the change in 1000 German search-queries between the previous and current day, can be used to take a look at this behavior: the variation of the SERPs changes from a value of 10 percent on 06.28, which can be used as a representative for the month prior, to a value of 3 to 4 percent within the last few days.

I can come up with two reasons for this behavior: either Google decided that they wanted, by far, less recent content in the index or they need the computing-power that is usually used for the index updates for something else. The first would be a step back and is therefore rather implausible, while the past has shown that an increase in the need for computing-power usually means a larger ranking-update. I am curious which it will be in the end.

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