IndexWatch 06/2008

The month is over already, time to take a look at last month’s Googleindex winners and losers:


#DomainChange,70%,05%,82%,87%,18%,66%,62%,44%,22%,90%,37%,43%,12%,92%,51%’s cometlike ascent within the German Googleindex should take an abrupt end soon: either the site-operators take the massive porn-spam out of their forums or Google will make sure the pages will not be found anymore, as it has done often in such cases in the past. The price comparison Twenga had its index breakthrough only last week. Though maybe the operators should not pop the corks just yet since they are using rather risky linkbuilding. Staedte-info, one of last month’s biggest losers, seems to have gotten a hold on their duplicate-content-problem in a manner that Google lets them play along again.



On the losing side we can see a strong presence from both web-catalogs and price-comparison websites. has (been) moved to which explains the boost for on the winning side. The second-place loser seems to have gotten a problem with Google’s favor besides their already existing copyright problems. I have changed the domainname and deleted the link for obvious reasons.

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